Has anyone seen “Blindness” yet? I read this book ages ago and list it as one of my all time favorites. The book seriously blew my mind. I’m curious about the movie now, just because I read it, but I’m hesitant because I know film versions of literature can fall far short.

The trailer for this movie made it sound like the epidemic was a government conspiracy which is an enormous departure from the novel. Is that true or just something I mistakenly picked up from the ad?

I guess no one has to worry about spoilers for MY sake because having read it, I already know how it ends. Unless it REALLY takes a right turn from the novel.

To view or not to view…that is my question. Thanks for your input!

The irony, she burns…

It isn’t in theaters yet. The release date is 9/26.

I saw the movie-version of the Stone Raft and I have to say that that book just don’t translate well into a movie.

His writingstyle (which is a major part of his appeal in my opinion) just doesn’t lend itself well for the bigscreen…

I haven’t seen a trailer yet so I can’t say whether or not I might go and see it.

Ok so I just saw two trailers…and I will probably go and see it. It doesn’t feel to me that they’re turning this into a government-conspiracy type movie and I hate to be wrong on this…

I’ll be giving it the benefit of the doubt :slight_smile:

Feedback from some friends who just saw it at the Toronto International Film Fest is that the film failed to live up to the hype. Their main complaints: clumsy dialogue at times (not surprising… it’s not one of Don McKellar’s strengths, IMO), and unbelievably stupid decisions made by some of the characters for the sole purpose of driving forward the plot (the details of which were withheld, to avoid spoiling the movie too much).

This is totally second-hand, of course, so you may take with a very large lump of salt… however, I’ve usually found their opinion to be a pretty much in line with both the critics and my own personal feelings.

Oops. This is true. I had one eye on the television last night when my entire attention was drawn by the trailer. I thought I heard them say the 16th of this month. It looks like release has actually been put off until October 2 (according to IMDB).

Well, at least I got a couple of good responses. I’ll take second hand movie information for sure…if someone like me saw it and liked it then it’s more likely I will too so I know where you’re coming from.