Cloud Atlas trailer

I’m sure many of you have read the book, now you can see the movie trailer. I’ve been meaning to read the book for the last six months or so, just haven’t gotten around to it. I’ll definitely need to have it finished by October.

Thoughts on the trailer?

It’s a stunning trailer, and it looks like they are including all the components of the book. I’m surprised it’s out so soon! I knew a film was in the works, but not having seen any kind of teaser, I wasn’t expecting it to be out until next year.

It looks amazing. I’m kinda :frowning: at Hanks and Berry but maybe they’ll make me forget they’re Hanks and Berry.

For once, people can’t say that the trailer gives the movie away. People who haven’t read the book are gonna be going WTF. They’ll probably still be going WTF after seeing the movie.

I read the book and loved it but didn’t really get it until I read the Wiki article. And even then . . .

If they’re doing any justice to all six stories the movie would have to be six hours long.

Hell, I’ve read the book and I’m still going WTF.

As someone who’s read & loved the book & had little-to-no hope for the movie when I saw who’d been cast, I can only say…wow.

Yup, pretty much. I’d never heard of the book and have absolutely no clue what the trailer is about. Reminds me of that Hugh Jackman movie where he played the same character through different eras of history. Don’t know if that’s actually correct or not.

That said, it looks *awesome *and I really want to see it!

i really enjoyed the trailer, mostly for the way the score interacted with various scenes from the stories. That said, I’m worried about the film.

The themes of repetition and reincarnation are very subtle in the book, barely mentioned. They really serve to tie all the stories together. The trailer took those hinted at themes and bludgeoned you over the head with them.

It also seems like a compilation of every action scene from the book, which contains long periods of no action at all. The freeway chase in Somni’s story was very brief in the book.

Also, a very minor point, but the Cloud Atlas Sextet composed in the second story and listened to by Luisa Rey in the third was a difficult piece of modern classical music, not an ethereal pop piece. (Not that I didn’t like the score for the trailer.)

The book was a difficult but very moving and complex set of interconnected stories, each told in it’s own very authentic voice. I hope the movie does justice to it, but I’m not optimistic. Still that was a beautiful trailer.

I have never heard of this before, but the movie looks ridiculously complicated. Amazing cast and visuals, though.

Well, The Fountain was fantastic and made perfect sense to me. I can’t wait. I’m there.

Posted a link to the trailer in the reading thread, then looked around to see if there was already a thread on the topic.

I must say, the trailer looks great. Dunno if the movie can do the book justice, but I’m cautiously optomistic …

This…I am excited for the movie but also hope that it will make some sense of it for me (will check out previously mentioned Wiki article). I really did like the Somni story.

As was mentioned upthread, my fear is that they will hammer the viewers with the reincarnation angle (which was subtly suggested, not stated, in the book).

Yeah, seconded (well… thirded). I thought the book worked great with it being an ambiguous literary device, but even seeing the author stating in the wiki page that the reincarnation is supposed to be completely literal is a little disappointing. To me anyways.

I just hope it doesn’t get in the way of the story(s). My initial take is that the movie looks visually stunning but may be lacking in the subtlety required to tell the stories well.

Well, the movie has premiered at TIFF. Any Dopers see it? Sadly, I did not.

Reviews are interesting - the critics appear divided: some disliked it intensely, but equally, many thought it a masterpiece. To my mind that is indeed encouraging. Obviously this was never going to be a story liked by all.

Big profile of the movie and the Wachowskis in The New Yorker. They discuss the challenge of the narrative complexity and how they established a true line through it. The book’s author is quoted as saying this could be a situation where the movie exceeds the book. Gives me a bit of hope.

ETA: the Wachowski’s dad is quoted, when discussing Larry/Lana’s gender change and the mythical “two people, one brain” relationship between the brothers, as saying: “they are the perfect married couple.”. Ew.

Yeah, ‘thanks a lot dad’. :smiley:

The reviews are absurdly polarized. I’ve never seen such a division. Half the reviewers are raving about how this movie single-handedly revitalized movie-making, and the other half think it is unmitigated crap.

Insanely positive:

Insanely negative:

Ebert gives it a very positive ‘non-review’, compares it to 2001:

Interestingly these are all by reviewers who quite evidently have not read the book.

Or the Wiki.

It seems like a given, that if you’re going to review a movie and the source of that movie is a novel and the novel is generally considered to be a bit more complex than most and you’ve seen the trailer and went “Whoa, what’s this about?”, wouldn’t you at least read the freaking Wiki?

That gives me hope. Generally, when reviews are 50/50, I love the movie.

Whenever a movie based on a book comes out, I wait to see the movie first and use the book to fill in the details. But I love this trailer so much I might not be able to wait.