Blinkers & flashers not working on 1995 Crown Victoria. Need some diagnostic help

My daughter has a 1995 Crown Victoria. The other day she informed me her left and right turn signals and emergency flashers were not working. They would just stay on (lit) and not blink.

It turns out that 2005 CVs do not use an inexpensive discrete blinker relay, but all the lighting control is via a $ 180.00 LCM “Lighting Control Module”. The guy at the auto parts store said I need either the LCM or a new multi-function stalk for the left side of the steering column that controls the turn signals, wipers and several other functions. This is around $70.00

Is there any way to tell which one I need?

Just to clarify, the lights come on when you switch them on but don’t flash? If that’s the case, it’s almost certainly the LCM.

But there’s good news if you’re somewhat handy. The flasher works exactly the same as a regular old $5 flasher-- it’s just that the flasher happens to be soldered onto a circuit board with a bunch of other stuff. It is fairly easy to just clip the “flasher in” and “flasher out” wires from the pigtail going into the LCM and hook them up to any old solid-state electronic flasher. Read all about it:


95 crown vic. Both sides of the blinkers seem to work fine except for the dash indicator on the right side. Could that be a just a burnt dash arrow bulb?