Blinky Cell Phone antennas, how do they work?

Went to “Best” Buy yesterday for some reason. While there, I noticed that they had a close-out sale on Nokia blinky cellphone antennas (95 cents!) Now, like most dumb animals, I am attracted to blinky things, so I bought a couple to play with. (I do not own a cell phone.) Doesn anyone know how I might get them to blink sans phone? I want blinkage!

There are blinky lights that you can buy at radio shack. They are cheap, and they blink without a cell phone

Those pieces blink in the presence of RF radiation. It would probably be easier to break out the Christmas lights than to rig up an RF generator. It is possible that you could set one next to a WiFi access point and get it to work, but I don’t know that the WiFi signal would be strong enough.

Yeah, in other words they suck out a bit of your cell phone signal in order to work. For an antenna with just one LED, that amounts to between 10 and 20 milliwatts of signal lost. The more LEDs, the more signal loss. Not recommended when every bit of signal counts, such as fringe areas.

I was afraid that might have been the case. But they were sooo cheap.

Looks like it’s time for a trip to Radio Shack…