BLM antics like this at Depaul probably make Trump more popular

Did you all see the latest idiocy of black lives matter?

PS - I tried to find a video link of the chaos with a less racist title, but that’s all I could find that showed more of the event rather than broken up snippets.
To liberals on these boards who are anti Trump, if you know people in blm, or at universities that are sympathetic, please disabuse them of the idiocy of blm antics like this, this makes them look infinitely worse and makes Trumps antagonism seem more reasonable.


Anyway, I think many in the movement would dispute a few of your assumptions, like that people who’d consider Trump would be more swayed if protesters were quieter or nicer or easier to ignore, or that when you feel like you’re under constant siege by people in life or death authority because of your race, being angry is “idiotic”.

It’s not about being angry over authority, it’s about being disrespectful, about shutting down discussion so that no one else is allowed to say anything until your own personal grievances are catered to. It’s about not giving in to a bunch of people throwing a tantrum.
And it’s not just the Trump types that find this behavior vulgar and off putting, look at the comments on huffington post.

I don’t think this will change the trump voters minds, but I do think this is the kind of thing that can fire them up and animate them to turn out to vote even more. His support is fueled by anger and rage, and what does this kind of tantrum throwing by blm incite in even LIBERALS?

Anger and rage at their belligerence. More kindling to the trump fires.

All that was missing was Trigglypuff.

I agree with BLM on some things and I admit to probably being a little bit ‘enlightened’ over the past 2 or 3 years by some of the YouTube videos showing police brutality.

That being said, I won’t single out BLM, but I would actually agree that some of the left wing ‘activists’ are going too far. I actually recently went to a Trump rally. I wasn’t inside but was outside the event and close enough to observe what was going on. At the risk of stereotyping, most of the Trump protesters were white and pretty much what you’d expect agitated white folk to look like in the flesh. But they were civil for the most part. They were just waiting to go in to see their ‘hero’. A lot of the protesters, OTOH, were vulgar and some were clearly trying to bait the attendees into a heated confrontation. If you want to attack Trump himself, fine, but attacking ordinary folk - no matter how wrong you think they are - by calling them racists, screaming obscenities at them, and daring them to say something back is just not going to end well. I see why a lot of these events end up descending into fisticuffs. And I blame the protesters not the Trump supporters.

Of course this was one of the more tame events that I went to. In California you have Mexican Americans waving MEXICAN flags at these events and jumping on top of police cars. Yeah, way to prove your point that we need more Mexican immigrants in the United States. :rolleyes: Yeah, just jump on police cars, wear colored bandannas and wife beaters, assault Trump supporters, and wreck government property. That won’t motivate whites (still a pretty decisive majority of the electorate by the way) to vote for Trump or anything.

Going back to BLM, I don’t have a problem with the movement itself. I think there needs to pressure on police departments, local governments, and institutions to do the right thing. Where I sometimes disagree is when I see reports of groups of people storming the offices of the chancellor and other college executives and basically refusing to leave, or surrounding the car of someone so that they can’t drive away. That’s no longer protest; that’s physical obstruction of access and intimidation. That’s unacceptable.

That’s what pisses me off about the Bernie Sanders ‘movement’ when I see reports of them throwing chairs at conventions. I don’t care how ‘right’ you are – be an adult. Be civil. If you can’t, then you’re no better than the people you’re denigrating.

An utter disgrace.

The (paid) security stood on the side doing nothing.

This is what you have wrought with your “safe zone” PC dogshit.

MLK is rolling over in his grave.

The security were worthless. Hopefully DePaul suffers like University of Missouri has for kowtowing to this nonsense.

What pisses me off about reports of Bernie Sanders supporters throwing chairs is that it’s Twitterverse-created bullshit, but people swallow it and repeat it unquestioningly.

I’m a pro-choice, anti capital punishment, pro marriage equality, anti Iraq war, environmental regulation supporting, progressive taxation advocating, anti-TTIP, pro-SoCaS, lifelong British Labour Party voting leftie through and through. I voted for Jeremy Corbyn for fuck’s sake, and he makes Bernie Sanders look like Mussolini.

That said, if I was American I’d vote Trump in a fucking heartbeat just for the sheer masochistic joy of seeing those little motherfuckers’ faces crumple when he wins. Is that rational? Fuck no. But I’d do it anyway. Because, as much as I hate Trump, I hate SJWs even more.

They want identity politics? Fine. Let’s give them identity politics.

TRUMP 2016!

It’s not twitterverse bullshit. I saw the videos and it’s clear that the Bernie supporters were out of control. The fact that Bernie is even staying in the race, demanding that people in the DNC be forced out, and so forth is telling. Bernie Sanders is creating false expectations and Bernie Bros are swallowing it and repeating it unquestioningly because they don’t understand how their own government works. I guess the good news for them is that the Democrats are pussies and they’ll roll over and surrender to anyone, which is why they lost to GWB not once but twice.

Lol. This post right here is why I have repeatedly said the tactics the left take on these issues is going to backfire. But nope, smug superiority can’t be convinced of rational discourse when there is an injustice to combat.

Cutting off your nose to spite your face is not a viable strategy. That’s what these ‘tear down the system’ types won’t get until they see the actual effects.

“Safe zones” were invented by Republicans trying to keep demonstrators away from media cameras during GWB appearances.
Nothing PC or liberal about them.

No, no, no, no. They weren’t “safe zones;” they were “Freedom Zones,” big difference. Much more patriotic.

You mean the ones set up at the 1988 Democratic National Convention to keep protestors away?

Are you, by chance, thinking of “free speech zones”?

Because people engage in irrational posts on the Internet about elections they can’t engage in?

I’ve not followed Tithonus around. But my impression of him is that his liberal leanings are, on the messageboard, confined almost entirely to disclaimer paragraphs at the beginning of rightwing posts.

“Smug superiority can’t be convinced of rational discourse”, you say…

The reason that more and more protesters on all sides of this election are getting violent is because for years they’ve been becoming more and more desperate, feel they are not heard and/or ignored, and feel they can’t win under the current system. When people get desperate and feel backed into a corner they tend to get less civilized.

Dismissing these people as “thugs” or whatever is ignoring this serious symptom of underlying serious problems in our society.

My memory of various Tithonus posts also makes me doubt his liberal credentials.