Blocked users not quite working right?

I have a poster who’s blocked. Someone replied to this poster, dividing the post they were replying to into multiple sections for various quotes. The first section was properly blank; the others were populated.

Now that I think about it, I believe I see why this happened, but is there anything that can be done with it? I dislike my blocks getting unwittingly evaded.

The problem is that, when we split quotes, we usually don’t bother labeling the additional parts with who wrote them. So the software has no way to tell if that quote is from the same person as the first quote in the post, or if it’s a quote from something else.

The one solution I could see is if they would hide all unauthored quotes in a post by default if said post contains at least one quote from a poster on your ignore list. You could then always expand such quotes. However, implementing that would require a change in the software.

BTW, I do believe this is better than it was on vBulletin, where, IIRC, it just showed quotes from your ignore list, regardless.

And it risks overkill and collateral damage. If I quote one of your ignored posters and then insert quotes from outside sources (factual citations, for instance), how would the software know the unattributed quotes weren’t related to the quoted poster? Or is it simply a case of “screw it, kill 'em all?”

Bottom line here is the person who posted the quotes of your blocked poster screwed them up. Your problem is fellow posters’ sloppy workmanship, not the blocking feature itself.

What if someone manually typed out “{Your blocked user} said…” Then they pasted a copy of their words. No use of the real quote tool. That’s not that far off from the situation you’re describing, and I don’t see how the software could possibly hide that. It would require some pretty sophisticated AI.

@BigT nailed it. People are lazy. Using his post as an example, here’s the right way to multi-quote. Which is simple; just copy/paste the opening [quote] tag from the first snip into each snip. Or even easier, highlight and click the "Quote pop-up balloon for each snip separately and let Discourse do all that work. This isn’t hard, people.

Yup. That’s how it happens.

That totally would work, but seems clunky as hell.

Agree completely.

If someone had @BigT on ignore they’d not see any of those snips. Because I bothered to post it rightly, not wrongly.