What's the protocol regarding the blocking of certain users?

I’ve never blocked anyone’s posts from my screen, until today, when I listed four rather tedious posters, with The Great Master leading the list. :wink:

I think I’ve read that protocol forbids us from disclosing who’s on our blocked list, but how should I respond in the hypothetical that finds me providing the same response as a blocked poster–which then comes to my attention through a third party, as in: “Hey, Carnac, didn’t you see his identical response?”
I’m guessing I shouldn’t say: “Huh, didn’t see your brilliant post there, Cecil. Probably because I block jerks.”

BUT, how about this:

“I’m unable to see your posts. No offense.”
Please advise.

This is exactly why I think we shouldn’t have ignore/block lists.

And to whoever posts this later in the thread: I’m on to you!! (Not that you’ll see this…) :wink:

Well, obviously a jerk wouldn’t be giving the same brilliant response as yourself very often, now would s/he?

But I think the best way to handle would be “Sorry, I didn’t see the previous post.” No one need know if it’s because you blocked the poster, forgot to refresh, wanted to emphasize, rephrase or elaborate on the point, or just spaced. And if it happens too often, maybe you need to re-evaluate your line of jerk demarcation. (If you’re saying the same thing as the jerk very often, maybe you’re being jerkish, too.)

Jeez - I hope you can read this! :smiley:

If you’re blocking their posts, why are you reading email from them?

We expect you to use ignore lists and buddy lists as tools to help your experience and not as fodder for fistfights. This is why we tell you to keep such information to yourself.

If you choose to block something, that’s really your business. If that means that you miss something that they wrote, well, that is the purpose of the list, no, so that you don’t see their postings?

I would think in that sort of situation, the polite way to answer would be, “I didn’t see that post.” And let it go at at that.

This is also true of any email you might receive from them – you can block that too, btw, I’m sure you know that – you’re not obligated to return unsolicited emails or answer questions like that unless you wish to.