Poll: Is Anyone On Your Ignore List?

No names, please- that would be against the rules.

I’m just curious as to how many dopers have at least one other doper on their ignore list.

I do have one person on my ignore list, although I up until very recently could not fathom letting a random stranger on the internet bother me so much that I’d actually take that action. But it did happen, and I’m, surprisingly, not even slightly curious of what they may have posted when I see that they did and I can’t read it. It’s so easy to just glide right over them- it’s great!

So are you ignoring anyone? Can you see this post right now?:smiley:

No one on mine. Plus the way it works is that when you ignore someone and they have a post it says, “X post is not shown b/c poster is on your ignore list” but you can click on it to see what they posted, right? I’d be too unable to resist the temptation of clicking.

That’s what I always thought but I’m not tempted at all. When I’m done with someone, I’m apparently done.

And how does this thread have 2 views and 8 poll responses?

I think sometimes it takes a while before the thread registers all the views.

Also, sometimes it breaks up the flow of a thread if you’re not seeing a LOT of the posts. Question–if someone quotes a post by a poster that you are ignoring, will you be able to see it?

If you use the on-board ignore function, you see a little box saying, “So-and-so is on your ignore list. Click here to view their post.”

If, however, you have the Vbulletin Management plug-in for Firefox, you don’t see their post at all. It’s just gone. It can be kind of annoying if it’s a thread that the person has participated heavily in, because then a lot of the responses don’t make sense, but at least in the case of the one person I have on mine, those threads are usually not ones I’m interested in anyway.

Never mind.

There is one name on my ignore list, but since he was banned a very long time ago, I suppose there’s effectively no one on it at the moment.

I ignore people the old fashion way. By dipping their pigtails in my ink-well.

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There was, but that person left years ago.

There was one person who annoyed me no end, but I missed the amusement.

Yes, a few people are so pedantic and they have absolutely nothing to contribute that I would rather not even waste time scrolling over their inanity and would rather just let the boards do it.

There is one person I keep meaning to ignore, but I haven’t done it yet. I feel like it would be letting the terrorists win.

I recently blocked someone for his/her inflammatory posts on a specific topic that have no basis in fact.

I have a lot of people on my ignore list. Those who I ignore for arguing a conserative viewpoint in an intolerable/lying/trollish fashion slightly outnumber those who I ignore for arguing a liberal viewpoint in the same manner, and running a close third are those who are one-note trolls of a nonpolitical variety or otherwise annoying people.

I used to have a couple, but they’ve both stopped posting here, so no one currently.

I have never understood the attractiveness of this feature. If I want to ignore someone, I just don’t read their posts, and commonly ignore lot’s of posts and threads that I am not interested in.

Is this feature for people that don’t have the maturity to let things that are said by someone they don’t get along with from making their blood boil? I just don’t get it. It seems a bit juvenile.

Yes. Additionally, it saves you from having to sit on your hands to keep from posting a response to someone that you know from past experience is not going to be swayed by reason.

The only person I have on my ignore list isn’t someone I particularly dislike - it’s someone whose verbal style grates on my nerves and hurts my eyes.

This, precisely. I answered yes to the poll, btw. Occasionally someone will link to an old thread I’ll be reminded of this person’s existence by the fact that I can’t see his posts. (And then I’ll click to read the post and think “wow, he really was just as big of a blowhard as I remember.”)