How many people are on your ignore list?

I just put somebody on my ignore list! I’d never done it before, not on this board, but finally I felt somebody deserved it.

So, I was wondering - how many names are on other people’s ignore lists?

(I don’t want the actual names! Nor do I want this to be a pitting in any other way…it’s a plain old survey for the sake of curiosity, and plain numbers will do!)

On this forum none. I like everyone here.

That’s good, since announcing that someone’s on your ignore list is a violation of board rules.

Currently I have two people on my list.

I don’t have any on mine. Never really thought about it.

None. I might do it sometime just as an experiment, but there’s no one here that I can’t just ignore if the circumstance dictates without the need to technological assistance.

I don’t have anybody on my list. I tend to believe in the power of people to improve themselves, so no matter how annoying someone may be, they may change some day and be more worthwhile posters. If they’re on my ignore list, I’ll never find out if this happens.

That, and I’m lazy.


There are, however, several people whose OP’s I don’t bother to read.

I put one person on my ignore list for a while. At the time, this person kept showing up in all the threads I was in, and I was getting really annoyed by their mouth (er…fingers).

But when you put someone on ignore, it doesn’t disapear their entire post. It’ll say something like, and Ethilrist, please don’t mind if I use you as you know I’d never ignore you:

And it drove me crazy not knowing what they said. Plus conversations got derailed.

So now…no one.

I do things a little differently. I add everyone to my ignore list, then take a peek at what people post once in a while. If I like what I see, off the list they go! Makes it pretty easy to catch up on the day’s topics, that’s for sure.

So anyone else going to respond to this thread or is it just going to be me and GorillaMan hangin’ out? :confused:

I had one person on my list, but they were banned for extreme assholery, so now, no one.

Never had anyone on my ignore list.

No one.

Two. I took one of them off briefly, but had to put him/her back on to keep my sanity. I’ve never known either of the two to contribute anything of value to a thread, and usually their posts disrupt a thread, like a belch in a library. Every once in a while, I’ll view one of their posts, but I’m always sorry.

I’ve never bothered to put anyone on my ignore list.

No one. I have no reason to. Yet :stuck_out_tongue:

I had one person on my ignore list for a while.

I had a big ol fight with them in the pit and then everytime I posted a reply to them in another thread they would jump all over me. I hadn’t really paid too much attention to usernames in a discussion and so I sometimes forgot that I was addressing someone who was on the opposite side of an emotional issue in another thread.

I post a lot in the pit and my personal rule is that it’s the place where you can be mean and nasty about things but then start over when you leave the thread. Kinda like lawyers do in trials - Go for blood in the court, then go for a beer with the opponent when its over. Others don’t share my philosophy.

I ignored the poster for about a month so I wouldn’t reply to any of their posts and then removed my ignore later. That poster an I have since had civil discussions.

Damn… I wish I could see any of the other responses… :wink:

No, I have no one on ignore.

GorillaMan, I can’t see your OP. Maybe it’s because I’m ignoring you. :wink:

We got ignore lists?

Humm, that may explain the few replies to my “What Did I See in the Hospital” thread. How embarrassing!

Who said that?