Blog of Karl Schroeder, Science Fiction Writer in Residence at the Toronto Public Library.

I thought this would be of interest to both the readers and writers on the SDMB. Karl Schroeder (Ventus, Lady of Mazes, The Virga series…) is now the Science Fiction Writer in Residence with the Toronto Public Library, and part of the position involves writing a blog for writers learning their craft. Here’s a link to the most recent entry - Which kind of writer are you? - part 1. I’m really looking forward to following his ideas for a few months.

Just thought I’d share…

Please forgive a bump, but the next installment of Mr. Schroeder’s blog is up. I know there are many Dopers who write who may find his advice interesting or encouraging.

Certainly, I’m benefitting immensely from following his ideas - he’s speaking clearly enough about the craft of writing that it applies across boundaries of genre or medium.

Interesting—thanks for posting this.