Blogger, Wordpress or Typepad?

Which is the best service with which to start a blog?,, or Your opinions neeeded!

More on why I’m asking: I use Blogger right now, but have been browsing Word Press’ web site and think that it may be better for me. It kind of seems like it has more features, and more flexibility. Any thoughts?

I’ve only ever used Blogger, and it’s been so flaky lately. I guess if you were new to it I’d suggest going with someone other than Blogger. But as for switching? I dunno. Sorry to be so little help.

Well I am not new to blogging, and I am very proficient with CSS and HTML, so I would like to be able to design the whole look of it myself, but have it integrated with the service’s tools.

This, from WordPress, interests me, in particular:

Blogger has been pissing me off lately. I like to write up my posts in pure HTML but even in the “HTML view” in Blogger, it screws it up, like each return you have in the text is interpreted as a <br> even in the HTML view. Stuff like that.

I moved from Diaryland to Wordpress last month. The move gave me fits (I’m still foaming at the mouth) but once I got there, I’m really happy with WordPress.

It seems insanely flexible, much more so than I’m capable of, but I was at least able to find a decent template and get back to writing. If you can make your own, I think you’ll be really happy there. I did shop through TypePad too, but it seemed more cumbersome than I could deal with.

I used to blog on TypePad, and recently (maybe 6 months ago) switched to WordPress, running the full version on my own domain name.

TypePad is easier to use for a novice. WordPress is more flexible, and I’m not really proficient enough to make full use of it, but I’m enjoying the learning process.

I found it really easy to export my posts from TypePad and import them to WordPress. If you want training wheels to start with (not a bad idea), I’d recommend TypePad and switching to WordPress later if that’s what you want to do.

If you’re just interested in WordPress’ free version, I have no comment because I haven’t tried it.

Oh, so you have to pay for the full version of WordPress? I didn’t realize that… I’ll still check it out though.

I think both versions of WordPress are free, but if you want the full-fledged version you need your own host to run it on.

So works like TypePad, where you’re using a free version with free hosting – that’s the version I’m not familiar with. WordPress, the software available from, is (I think) also free, but you need to find a web host to install and run the software on. That’s what I’m doing.

Oh yeah, I already have my own web host. Cool! Thanks.