Blood Beach

I saw Blood Beach on the big screen when it came out. There were a couple of great lines in it.

‘Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, you can’t get to it.’

‘We found it! We found it! We found the guy’s wiener!’

I loved Burt Young as ‘Sergeant Royko’, a tough Chicago cop. (I wonder if that was a play on Mike Royko?)

Well, I’ve just watched it again and… It’s really not a good film. The lighting is atrocious. The acting is so-so except for Young’s. (Hey, John Saxon’s in it!) The dialog is laughable. But you know… I like the idea. The monster was fairly unique. I still like the ending.

I seem to remember Young mentioning in hushed reverence the name of Mayor Richard Daley (version 1.0). And another line, “If you blow it to smithereens, what’s going to happen to the smithereens.”

But the wiener line is the most memorable. I also remember bad lighting.