Bloods or Crips

For safety reason, this poll is not public.

I don’t get it.

1%ers --------- vintage ones preferred.

What’s a 1%er?

ETA: Nevermind. Google is my homeboy.

F’n Latin Kings.:frowning:



I don’t understand. Are you asking us to declare our loyalty to one of two street gangs? Are you asking which one we’ve heard more about? Are you asking which word we would have prefered if we were naming our own gang?

Personally I pick The Pink Ladies.

I picked neither, but if I have to explain it to you, then it’s already too late. Sorry.

None of the above. They both suck.

Cobra Kai, yo.

MS13. Latino is the new black.

Where you from?

Crips 'cause I don’t look good in red.


(Starts snapping fingers).



It’s a RUMBLE!


I picked Crips because that’s the gang Timmy and Jimmy are in.


Can you dig it?