Bloody sandals!

Roomie said she was going to go for a walk. Since I haven’t had a walk since yesterday, I decided to go along. She said she was just going to ‘walk around’, so I decided not to find socks that didn’t look too dorky with my shorts. I’ll just wear thes Tevas I haven’t worn in a couple/few years.

We walked along the beach about a mile and a third, looked at a condo, and then stopped at the Beach Café for a bite on the way back. A mile and a quarter later, and we’re back home. It sure will be nice to take off these scratchy sandals!

The skin was worn off above my toes, where the straps go. I put some peroxide on the ‘wounds’ and it fizzed up very nicely.

Note to self: Reserve the sandals for walking down to the beach and for kayaking. Don’t take longish strolls in them.

I learned this the first time I visited my wife’s homeland, Brazil, in the middle of their summer—December.

It was about a hundred and five degrees, everyone in sight was wearing sandals. We were there resolving her mother’s estate, so we were going on public transit all over the place, going to banks and public offices. Lots of walking and lots of city traffic.

My feet were worn raw by the straps of my trendy sandals that I had bought when I first arrived. The odd little nubbins of rubber on the inside that had appeared to be so stylish and comfortable caused hundreds of agonizing pressure points on the soles of my feet.

After the first two or three days, the sandals were constantly … damp … with various nasty fluids exuded by my suffering feet.

By the end of the first week my feet were fine and I enjoyed the sandals for the rest of the trip.

I apparently need a new pair of walking shoes - they seem to be causing a blister on my heel. The first day I got home and took off my shoes - oh oh. Big blood spot on my sock. I have since learned (painfully) that you need more than one bandaid on your blister when you go for a two-hour walk in shoes that rub. :slight_smile:

I had a couple of (water) blisters as well. I asked Nurse Roomie if I could pop them and she said not to. I was kind of disappointed, so she said ‘Oh, go ahead. It doesn’t matter.’ So I retrieved a needle and sat down and she said, ‘I didn’t say you could do it in front of me!’ I went away and did it elsewhere. The blister sites look good. The abrasions look a little nasty, but they’ve scabbed over and don’t hurt.

You had them strapped too tight. I walked about ten miles in my Tevas this weekend and my feet feel fine.