Bloom County animated series

So, it looks like Berke Breathed’s Bloom County is being developed as an animated series on Fox.

Here’s hoping it will do better than his movie Mars Needs Moms.

Is this 30 years too late?

Will they have Trump’s brain in Bill?

Maybe it has been Bill’s Brain in Trump.

At least The Simpsons will look fresh by comparison. Now, let’s green light Krazy Kat.

My favorite along with Opus and Outland.


I don’t know. This is in my Closet of Anxieties.

I can see it happening. Have you seen “A Wish For Wings That Work”, the 1991 Christmas special?

I was going to say Pogo, but then I thought, “Yeah, what we really need is a reboot of The Yellow Kid.”

I loved AWFWTW, but I wonder if it could be sustained as a regular show.

he’s 64 , he started his first strip when he was at UT Austin.