Bloopers in comic strips and other unusual places...

I was just in the Comics section at the King Features site and clicked on Sally Forth by mistake. Then I noticed another mistake - in the first panel of the strip for 7/5 (strips there are posted two weeks after they appear in the news) the Forth car was drawn backwards!

Yesterday’s Six Chix (not available on the King Features site yet) showed the full moon appearing in front of a cloud. (The joke even depended on this image.) The previous strip referred to Superman hanging around Gotham City; presumably it should have been Metropolis.

In Gary Larson’s The Prehistory of The Far Side, they showed a few mistakes that had been made either in the drawing, the coloring, or the printing. The printing errors were the funniest. One was an instance when a newspaper transposed the captions for one day’s Far Side and Dennis the Menace strips with suitably f’ed up results. Another was when the paper ran the day’s cartoon with the previous day’s caption, which made it even more surreal than the Far Side normally was. The book is at home or I’d provide a more specific reference, but I remember them being really funny.

I have this book, and I know precisely the comic you’re talking about. The Far Side comic for that day showed a caveman consulting a fortune teller, who was gazing into her crystal ball. The Dennis the Menace comic (same day) showed Dennis talking to his mother, while she looked at him with a rather bemused expression.

The caption for The Far Side, which got transposed with Dennis the Menace, was, “I see your little shrunken head sitting on a shelf.”

Somewhere, in one of the many boxes of crap that I can’t seem to figure out why I keep, is a Hagar The Horrible comic I cut out of the paper roughly 20 years ago.

The opening panel has Hagar walking in from yet another long sea voyage, and asking his wife what’s new since he left. “A young woodcutter is dating Helga”, she replied.

Ummm…hey lady? You’re Helga. I believe you meant Honi, your daughter. :smack:

I can catch this one.

The first cartoon showed a bunch of slugs surrounding a saltshaker, as if in worship. The caption was the non-sequitor, “Looks like an infestation. We’re going to have to spray.” or something along those lines. Kinda made sense, in a certain way, but not really funny.

The second cartoon showed a guy in an exterminator’s uniform next to a woman. The man is pointing at several children climbing in a tree.

He is announcing: “Eeeeeeeeewaneewaneenu!”


THAT’S THE ONE! For some reason that tickled me very, very deeply. I laughed until I gave myself a coughing fit. I’m laughing now.

Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaars ago, when Brenda Starr had her baby (Starr Twinkle??), in one panel, the artist drew the baby with three legs. According to an interview, she had sketched several positions of the legs kicking, but had accidentally left an extra one in, and everything was inked in as she drew it.

The other Denis the Menace and Far Side caption switch resulted in the following.

A picture of a bunch of snakes sitting around a table with a bowl of unidentified something, one snake is saying “Well, if I hadn’t learned to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, we’d have starved by now.”

The other showed Denis’s mom in the foreground looking annoyed and showed Denis and <the kid in the short pants> eating sandwiches with Denis saying “Aw, not hamsters, again

It’s the 7/6 strip, actually. Here I was, staring at the 7/5 cartoon thinking, “What’s backwards? All that’s shown of the car is the trunk lid.” :smiley:

Farside vs Dennis
Exterminator Chant

Rob Liefeld’s Captain America.

Gah! Forgot I changed the date prior to posting. Would a wondering Mod please fix my OP so as not to confuse anyone else?

It looks like it was the 7/6 strip.

But its even more screwed up than you make it out to be.

At first to me, it looked like it was just colored wrong. Like someone put headlights where the taillights should be. I thought this, because you can kind of make out the outside mirrors in the position that would indicate the car’s orientation is correct. They’re – at least – definitely missing if the car was drawn facing the wrong way.

But, if you believe that theory, then the trunk is longer than the hood, which isn’t true in real life OR the third panel.

Also, the design of the side-windows makes it look like the car is facing the wrong way in the first panel.

On top of all this, the first panel makes it look like there are 3 side windows. In the last panel, there are clearly only 2 side windows.

It’s a mess.

Another car mistake, from this past weekend, in Luann:
Luann and Aaron Hill drive in England

F’ing Liefield. The only blooper made was any comic publisher ever hiring him. Calling him a hack is an insult to actual hacks.

Not sure if this qualifies as a blooper, but I think it’s a mistake.

This Bazooka Joe comic just shouldn’t have been drawn that way.

I mean, what is that monster DOING to Joe, anyway?


Speaking of the Far Side, that reminds me of the Far Side where a dog was on top of a flipped-over car which looked…interesting.

Hagar The Horrible? Sheesh, that strip is nothing but bloopers. Just start with the horns on the helmet wind your way into completely ludicrous and insulting world.

Well, duh, they’re telling secrets!