Bloussaint Breast Enhancement Ad - a question & poll

I’ve been seeing a commercial for Bloussaint(sp?) Breast Enhancer. It’s supposed to be “all natural”. First, the question: How does this work (assuming it does)?

The poll: According to the commercial there are “many women who are satisfied with their breast size”. So I ask of the lady Dopers:

  1. Are you satisfied with YOUR breast size? If not, why?
  2. If not, would you like larger or smaller.

Note: it is NOT necessary to share your breast size unless you feel it adds to your answer to #1.

DISCLAIMER: As you may (or may not) know, I’ve been on this board for some time and am not now, nor do I ever plan to be a troll and/or sock puppet. I am just curious as to why women would take the risks involved in such surgery. I could easily have asked the question of hair replacement drugs/techiques for men.

Personally, I prefer small breasts as opposed to those Playboy-centerfold monstrosities.

I love my breasts!!! I love em I love I love em!

I love how gravity SUCKS!!!

I love how I’m no longer PERKY!

Actually, I do like them. The size isn’t too much of a problem (In between a 36D and DD, for those who are wondering) except I have a hell of time finding nice bras that I like. The gravity part is true. I don’t want bigger or smaller, but an “overhaul” would be nice. “Hey Doc… Make em look 18 again”! However, I can’t see shelling out 3 grand for something like that. Especially when you look at what is involved with a “lift”. Wanna make me spend 3 grand? Figure a way to do it like implants, with just one tiny little cut. There’s just something about “cutting off the nipple and relocating it” that I just can’t think about without getting the willies. The only “all natural” enhancement I know of is the Ice Cream and Pork Fat diet. That’ll make em bigger… along with everything else though :slight_smile:

I can’t answer your first question, not having seen that ad. As to your other questions:

  1. a qualified yes. When I was 18 I had a breast reduction done along with a biopsy on a cyst. (benign) I was heartily sick of being called ‘Dolly’ and ‘BB Bertha’ and other such unflattering names. <40F with a 26" waist> More importantly, I was tired of the back and neck aches and the permanent dents in the top of my shoulders, stuff like that.

Then I got married, and became pregnant with our first child. The darn things grew back! Sigh Oh, well, I’ve gotten used to them I suppose. Though Tequila has a point about gravity. So, yes, for the most part, I’m ok with the size, but would love to do something about the… hmm… ‘shape’.
As to what my size is now, I’m not sure that’s relevant. I will say that I’ve never been able to shop at Victoria’s Secret; as far as I know, they don’t carry any bras in my size. And, no, I’m not huge, merely big.

Does that help answer your questions some?

Mr. Blue Sky, get a hobby man!

Oy, that commercial creeps me out!

I am a former 36B. I was very satisfied with my size–not big enough to be in the way, but big enough not to be worried about not being big enough.

I have since <ahem> gained some weight and I am now (are you sitting down?) a D-cup. I hate it. They are annoying and they get in the way. I can find bras that “fit” but none that are really comfortable. :frowning:

To answer your questions:

  1. I am unsatisfied with my breast size. My breast size leads to discomfort.
  2. I would like to be smaller.

Love my Playboy-centrefold monstrosity boobies!

But wish they were a little smaller. I’m between D & DD, but a size 6-8 generally in clothing size.

No, I’m not happy. 44F is NOT fun. I wish they were smaller. Maybe after I lose all this damn weight…

Participating in this board IS one of my hobbies. Where else could I ask such a question without multiple slaps to the face?

I sympathize with ladies whose breasts are too heavy to carry around, but I’d encourage women to keep their original breasts, short of a life-threatening condition. I like all types and sizes of female breasts. From what I can see of Ms. Mockingbird’s breasts, by the way (her picture is on the SD People Pages), they are quite perfect.

Purplebear’s experience during pregnancy could be the key to the question of how the pills might work. If hormone supplements could mimic the natural hormone mix during pregnancy and breastfeeding, that could stimulate the desired “enhancement”. But can they?

I was watching Queen Latifah one day and her subject was breasts. She had one of her staff members try a wacky contraption that had to be strapped to her chest. At the end of the trial period, I don’t remember how long it was, the staff member had gained an inch in her chest. The staff member decided to keep the device and keep on using it.

Anyway, I like my plastic B cups just fine.

I’m a 36 C/D, wish I was a solid C as buying bras is a pain in the ass. Hope that helps :wink: And despite 2 pregnancies and nursing 2 kids, they don’t sag, well yet, anyways.

Originally posted by alonicist

I don’t see how you can possibly sympathize with them unless your…


Oh, my…

I can attest that you are quite correct.

Methinks this is a thinly-disguised ploy by a tit-obsessed boy to get women to reveal their bra sizes… I believe that once he knows the REAL truth about well-endowed women, big boobs won’t turn him on anymore. My story: at age 16, I was a skinny girl who wore a padded A cup bra. My doctor put me on Premarin and Progesterone because I had irregular periods. In a few months my boobs grew to C cup size and my parents made me stop taking the pills. I have gained some weight in the years since then and now have DD boobs. They are uncomfortable and sweat a lot in the summer (I stuff tissue in between and put a cut up strip of towel underneath to soak up the sweat and prevent heat rash. Gross, I know, but I HATE sticky boobs and soggy bras. I have tried using powder, but it just gets wet and cakey). I have to buy bras with padded straps because thin-strapped bras cut into my shoulders and become painful after a while. I wear longline bras most of the time, because shorter bras tend to ride up my back. I have to stitch down the plackets of shirts, blouses, and dresses that button down the front, because otherwise they gap. It doesn’t matter how big the article of clothing is, if it has buttons down the front, it will gap. I’m 38 years old now, and gravity has taken its toll on my boobs - they have stretch marks on the sides, and sag in spite of all the chest exercises I do. I had my first mammogram recently, and it hurt like hell when the technician compressed my boobs (which reminds me: how many women think about this BEFORE they get implants???) I would dearly love to have A cups again. I can’t understand why any normal sized woman would want big, floppy boobs that hang like cow udders. Yes, they get plenty of male attention, but it’s from men I would rather not have anything to do with. I wish I could afford to have breast reduction surgery. The only time I feel comfortable with my boobs is when I go swimming - they feel like they’re weightless! I am careful not to do the backstroke at the local pool, however - that would be obscene.

Sorry, Trixie, youthinks wrongly! I AM really turned off by large breasts. I am much more turned on by A-cups than by some huge watermelon-like breasts you see in titty bars or the gallons of silicone you see on women appearing on Springer. I’d trade the boobs for a nice firm butt. As I mentioned in the OP, I don’t want to know your measurements. I’m just curious about people who feel they must alter their appearance. If you were small-breasted and wanted to get implants JUST FOR YOU, then I say go for it. If you do it because you feel pressured by society or another person, why put yourself in danger?

Sorry if I don’t get it.

But at least half the men at the pool would be inexpressively grateful.