Breasts ?

More specifically, breast implants. I’m not trying to titillate anyone, but why do some boob jobs look really good and naturally shaped, but some of them look terribly fake and too round (either from straight on or in profile)?

I’m not necessarily talking about cup-size either, unless that is a factor (i.e. going from an “A” cup to a “DD” cup just looks too round and cannot ever look naturally shaped on a small woman).

Are there different techniques, implant shapes, skin/muscle elasticity factors or what?

If you’re really curious, I found these informative sites for you to peruse at your leisure. If you’re asking just to start a thread about women’s breasts, then this will wind up in Great Debates. Try these sites for specific info on the proceedures.

Breast Implant Info From the F.D.A..

Breast Augmentation.

Breast Implant Forum.

Breast Augmentation Video- Before and After.

You can get to the Straight Dope? Then you can get to Google :slight_smile:


The video link I provided up there isn’t an AVI. It’s a site that describes what is IN the video, but as near as I can tell, you must purchase the videotape and have it delivered to you.

I just didn’t want the Powers That Be to think I’d linked to a Web Video of breast augmentation surgery for all to see. :stuck_out_tongue:


has casually asked me about my thoughts on implants for her.

After she stopped nursing the baby after 13 months and her breast size decreased, she wasn’t too pleased with her appearance (dropped from a C to an A and they are not quite perky as they used to be).

I’d prefer what she has now instead of breasts that are obviously fake, big and round, but it seems like some breast enhancements look very nicely shaped and natural (and I mean from what I’ve seen in nude pictures, movies, etc. and not bra/sweater covered).

If there are techniques or methods that result in a fuller, more natural look, then I’d be willing to discuss it further. Would she be able to nurse another baby, because that would be a deal breaker for us if she couldn’t?

You don’t seem opposed to having another child, so I’d suggest that you just go ahead and knock her up again. The trick is, get her a breast pump. If she continues to pump her breasts she can keep them at nursing size indefinitely. Totally natural breast agumentation. And it’s reversible down the road.

I do mammograms for a living, therefore I have seen many, many sets of implants. Any foreign objuect that is put into the body has the potential to be rejected. Well, with implants, a side effect is hardening of the implant, making them noticeably fake. (I’m sure someone will correct my grammar, please excuse it.) There are also different types of implants. Some are subglandular meaning they are above the muscle, these seem to appear more natural. There are also the types that are put under the muscle, these are much easier to image, however they seem higher and rounder. And saline implants are much softer in general that silicone implants. Did you know people, especially in other countries actually injected free silicone into their breasts? (versus having the silicone encapsulated and not floating freely). Well, that should be more than you ever wanted to know.

 Actually many of the women on who have had both types of implants say that the silicone ones are much softer and more natural feeling. There is also less chance of rippling occuring with silicones (anyone who has ever watched porn will know what rippling looks like.)

 Besides silicone vs. saline and over the muscle vs. under the muscle there are also anatomical implants vs. round and textured implants vs. smooth. Anatomical implants are apparently more natural looking but can flip out of place. Textured implants reduce the occurance of capsular contracture (hardening) but may produce more rippling. With all the different shapes, placements, texture, and contents of breast implants it makes sense that they do not all look the same. Not to mention the fact that the women they are placed in have all kinds of body shapes and differing amounts of natural breast tissue.

These are just 2 sites I found with info re: breastfeeding after augmentation.

I have a friend who could not breastfeed her baby after breast reduction surgery. All the sources I’ve read said that it is usually harder if possible at all to bresatfeed after breast augmentation.

As to your wife’s reduction in cup size and perkiness: I hear ya’, babe. And I empathize with you. At least I’m not alone.

Ok. One more site with way too much info but will probably answer your question about what type of implants are out there. I should warn you that I have no idea if this guy is a reliable source.

Oh THAT’S rich! Just what every woman wants; leaky, painful breasts. They too can be yours if you will commit to 4 hours of pumping daily! :rolleyes:

Implants should not interfere with her ability to breastfeed. Also, if she’s small now and has some sagging, she’s probably a good candidate for a natural looking set. Don’t skimp on the cost and shop around for a good doc, check all the normal stuff and make sure they are certified by one of the plastic surgery associations. Yada, yada.

DISCLAIMER: IANAD. I have, however, been acquaintances with a relatively large amount of women who have had breast implants. The extra skin (sagging, if you will) always made them look more natural, because they didn’t stick straight out, they had room to fit. (if that makes any sense).

I think that’s two different things. Reduction messes with the actual breast tissue, removing some, possibly damaging other. IIRC, it’s MUCH more involved that a simple enlargement.

Implants shouldn’t do any of that.

One more thought that I forgot to mention…

GLAMOUR magazine had an article 3 or 4 months ago baout breast implants actually molding. The 30 other women that work with me and do mammo were completely astounded!! This is a true story and there has been more than one case. Implants were actually making these women sick with flulike symptoms because basically they had a rotten implant. This is so disgusting!!! And these women paid $4000 to have this torture (at least) then they had to pay for removal. It is just a chance you have to take. If you are brave enough. Do your research thoroughly if you really consider your wife having this done. And a good Doctor can make all the difference. Most women find out they should have went to Dr. X, after the surgery is done, but instead they went to Dr. Y and they have terrible scars.

I think we’ll probably wait at least until she has another bambino and finishes nursing that one (and we want two kids, so that would be the last one) before we get serious with this.

One of the websites listed a study saying 64% of implant patients either couldn’t or had trouble breast feeding, so that would be a good reason right there to take a wait and see approach.

BTW, I found it interesting that you can pay for implants with cash, credit cards, financing, loans, but not with the good old barter system (trading tit for tat).

All depends upon your frame of mind, H8. After all, some might see it as arduous work to pay off such a debt, while others might just think Tat’s Entertainment. :smiley: :smiley:


This prompted me to do a search (because I HATE being wrong) and it appears that it is dependent upon how the implant is inserted.

From the American Acedemy of Pediatrics :

Most of the the other sites I visited said essentially the same thing.

So I was wrong, kinda. Some implant surgeries DO mess up the breast tissue and milk ducts. In those cases, breastfeeding may not be possible.

:::runs shamefaced out of the room:::

I never said that there weren’t any negative aspects of my plan. I did think yet another reason why it’s a great idea; it would provide your wife with opportunity to take home cheesemaking to another level.

Should have gone.