Blu-Ray Camcorders

Please forgive my ignorance. I’m thinking about getting a new camcorder, and was wondering if blu-ray is the way to go. I have a blu-ray player and hdtv.
If I get the camcorder, I know I have to have a blu-ray burner to make the discs. Would I also be able to burn regular dvds on the computer from the blu-ray camcorder? Or would I be limited to only using blu-ray dvds? They’re pretty expensive right now, but I’m sure the price will come down. Anyway, all help would be appreciated–thanks in advance!


It depends on why you would want a blu-ray camcorder. If you’re only going to use it for happy-snap type home video, there’s no need at all. And if you are asking if you can burn to regular DVDs, there would have to be a downsizing of the footage anyway, meaning they wouldn’t play back in HD, so then it’s unnecessary.

So no, it probably isn’t necessary for that reason.

If you are looking to make your own movies, then “camcorders” aren’t what you’d be looking for, you’d look at prosumer or higher level video cameras, and that’s when you go to specialised websites and ask pertinent questions from experts to determine the best for your needs.

Either way, I’m thinking the answer is most likely “no need to spend up big yet”.