So when I thumb through gardening catalogs, I’m always mildly disconcerted that blueberries having the exact opposite qualities than I’d prefer are apparently supposed to be extra appealing considering the positive wording of the ads. I like going to a nearby farm so I can pick exactly the size I prefer.

But hey, maybe I’m odd. Let’s see!

I like a mixed bag, a sweet bite, a tart bite, back and forth.

Either one, so long as it has a flavor. (Unfortunately, the tasteless mushy ones seem to be more abundant).

I said small and tart, because that’s what I tend to associate with wild berries. But occasionally I’ll come across a wild bush with giant berries that taste like love. Those are my favorite.

The big ones tend to get mushy and flavorless, but not all of them.

Sorry, this always pops into my head when talking blueberries. I do like them big and juicy.

My first thought upon seeing the choices was “I like blueberries like I like my women”…small and tart for me.

Wild vs farmed. One thing I miss about Alaska is our annual berry-picking expedition. The farmed berries here are singularly tasteless.

Small and tart. Because the alternative is big and flavorless.

In my experience, small wild blueberries are usually sweeter than big bland tame blueberries, so I’m a bit confused by the options.

At any rate, I vote for “not my favourite fruit, but I’m not disgusted by them”.

I thought that too and was also confused. I can’t think that I’ve ever had a blueberry I’d describe as “tart” that wasn’t obviously underripe. Wild berries are usually VERY sweet, like the same sweetness as a commercial blueberry, packed into a tinier container.

Same here. The small and tart ones make for better pies, too. There is more flavor and a better balance between the sweetness of a pie (because of all the sugar you have to add) and the acidity of the berry. Then again, I’ve always been one for tart berries of all kinds.

I like blueberries like I like my men . . . big, sweet and juicy, but sometimes a little tart.

Add me as a third on this. I love tiny wild blueberries but they are little balls of sweet flavour I wouldn’t characterize them as tart.

I like the sweet ones more, but I’m not going to get bent out of shape if I get a sour one because, hey it’s a blueberry.

Never liked 'em. Just the smell makes me want to hurl.