Blues Guitarist Otis Rush - RIP

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Phenomenal guitar player who could hold his own with the legends. This record is a good place to start, if you’re curious…

The Essential Otis Rush: The Classic Cobra Recordings 1956-1958

RIP Otis

Damn, are there any of the old masters left? I’m drawing a blank. I never say Otis Rush but I sure knew his music, and played one of his songs every one of the weekly blues radio shows I DJ’d for 4 years.

Buddy guy.:cool:

Damn, sorry to see you go, sir. The only consolation I can think of is that I know who I’ll hear on the blues shows this week.

Stevie Ray Vaughan’s cover of his song 'All Your Love I Miss Loving" smokes! And you know what? So does the original. RIP.

I no longer have a favorite living guitarist.

I saw Otis Rush once in concert. He played maybe 12 notes in the better part of an hour while other band members seemed to get two or three solos per song. I was very depressed afterward, but I didn’t hold it against him or his music. I kept listening and enjoying. I get something out of the man’s music I don’t get anywhere else.

I would say So Many Roads: Live in Concert represents his best playing, most especially the title track:

This live version of “I Wonder Why” comes from Tops album:

I am glad his suffering has ended and very grateful he left behind so many notes.