Bluetooth headphones stutter when computer is working

I thought that the stuttering sound was from a bad setup with the headphones, but I’ve proven now that if I turn off a download, or close some youtube tabs, the sound cleans up. Is there any way to make a better connection, or some setting to use that makes this better? The other weird thing is that this doesn’t happen with wired headphones, so it’s not that that the sound card is incapable of sending the signal out. This only happens with the Bluetooth set.

1: does it happen on other PCs or notebooks using those headphones?

2: see if there is a driver update for the headphones

3: if you have a wireless router turn it off and connect ethernet directly and see if issue continues. Some wireless router signals will interfere with BT signals.

The BT signal is being controlled by MB logic devices that are often separate from the sound card. The sound card does not (usually) control BT sound. The sound card “working” in this case means nothing re BT functionality.

I can check at work to see if the laptop there has the same issue.

Connecting to the router by wire is not practical at all. It’s in an room that is usually locked. Plus, I can fix the problem by

Windows found an update for Intel Wireless Bluetooth, but after a reboot, the problem remains. There was no update found for the headphones themselves.

I would start to blame the headphones, but they’re just using the signal they’re sent, and this happened with ones that were $20 (these were $6, if you can believe it), to the point where I returned 2 pairs of them, thinking the problem was the headset. It seems I was wrong.

I can even cause the stuttering on command by doing something like refreshing a Facebook tab. Almost any load on the computer causes stuttering. It makes them almost unusable.

What cured it was a USB Bluetooth adapter. I guess the Bluetooth chip in the laptop just wasn’t very good.