Speakers stopped working/bluetooth headphone troubles

Windows XP, SP2.

My husband bought a set of wireless bluetooth headphones. We got them set up and installed okay, but the sound quality is the pits. We have learned a bit online, and found that people really praise the sound quality on these… so we’re at a bit of a loss with what to do next. We’ve updated all sound drivers, bluetooth drivers, and this is the only bluetooth device on this computer.

We decided to unhook the headphones and just use the speakers for a while, since these headphones are just for gaming. We now can’t get any sound out of the sound card. No system sounds, no anything. We’ve been through all of the windows troubleshooting, and have rolled back the drivers that we updated. Still nothing.

We got a few burps of sound when running Creative diagnostics, but nothing after that, so I’m positive it’s not a physical connection issue.

We’ve got a SoundBlaster Live! card and 5.1 surround speakers. They worked fine until I futzed with the sound stuff to get the bluetooth working correctly… and even it still sounds icky.