Bluetooth, mobile phone, internet connection?

How do I connect my Powerbook to the internet using Bluetooth to access my mobile phone? The computer and the phone ‘know’ each other. I’ve tried calling the ISP on the mobile and then choosing Bluetooth for my connection and clicking on ‘Connect’. No joy. So I tried choosing Bluetooth and clicking ‘Connect’ hoping that it would ‘dial’ the phone. That didn’t work either.

The procedure varies with phone service provider and phone model. It also depends a bit on which version of Mac OSX you have. Look at the
Mac Cell Phone for a wealth of information.

I’ve bookmarked the link.

Is this telling me to use a different phone number?

I’m using OS X and a Motorola ‘flip phone’ (551? Something like that) on Cingular. I don’t need (nor want) to connect to the Internet through my mobile. Reception is generally crap here. (Right now though, I’ve found a sort of ‘sweet spot’ where I have two bars.) But it would be very handy to connect with my mobile when I’m on the road.

I’ve used a V551 on both Cingular Blue and Cingular Orange via Bluetooth with my PowerBook. It works fine. I did post instructions for both on the Mac Cell Phone site. This message seems very relevant.

If you have trouble, PM me. Good luck.

Ar? :confused: How do they know if a call is a data call? Should be a regular phone call.

Thanks for the info. I don’t know when I’ll try to connect again, but I’ll refer to it when I do.