Bluetooth order of connection...

I did some Googlage and found different answers. I look to the Dope to settle disagreement…

I have an iPhone, an iPad and a Bluetooth capable computer.

I have a Motorola S9HD bluetooth stereo headset, a motorola 305 BT stereo headset, and an HS-001 stereo headset.

Assuming all of my computing devices have Bluetooth on, but no other headsets or other BT devices connected, when I turn on a BT headset, how is it determined which device it will connect to? My assumption is that it will connect to the last available device it was most recently connected to, i.e., if the Moto 305 was last connected to the iPhone, when it is powered up again, it will look for the iPhone to connect to. If the iPhone isn’t available, it will look for whatever was used previous to the iPhone.

Is this correct?

And, outside of simply unpairing devices, is there any way to control which devices connect to what or at least, the order in which they attempt to connect?
(I used to hope that physical distance played a part, but apparently it doesn’t…I can power up a headset in my office, hoping to use it with my computer, which is inches away, but find that the headset connected to the iPad that is currently on the other side of the house! Hence this question…)

S9HD can pair to two at once.

I think it depends on the peripheral. I think most try to connect to the last device they were connected to before, but as long as they’re not connected you should be able to initiate a connection from any other device they’re paired with. Unfortunately once they’re connected there’s typically no straightforward way to connect to a different device.