Blur beta on Xbox 360

So, anyone else sign up for this?

The game is being done by Bizarre Creations, the guys behind the Project Gotham Racing series. It basically looks like PGR mixed with Mario Kart/Wipeout, it will have power ups and stuff. I’ve heard it described as Mario Kart for grownups (though I’m 26 and I still love me some mario kart, so…)

Anyway, looks interesting, and it’s free, so why not. You can find beta codes on all the major sites (IGN, Gamespot, Kotaku)

here’s a link to Kotaku

My gamertag is the same as my username, so add me and we can get our game on and avoid some of the rabble that exists on XBL :wink:

Invite sent from the site’s Gamertag.

Ugh. I don’t want to sign up for Activision too. Maybe it’s for the best. I’m just going to be playing Halo as of early May anyways.

bumping this to see if anyone’s played it yet? I’m in the beta but i just moved to a new apt and am without interwebs for a month or so. I’d like to live vicariously through anyone currently playing

here’s a bump cause the game’s out for everyone now and it’s loads and loads of fun. Seriously, if you like arcade racing, and you like mario kart, you’ll love this. No music in it yet other than for the menu, but I’ve seriously been enjoying myself over the past week or so with this game.

You get upgrades for your loadout and better cars as you move up in rank, kinda like a modern warfare-esque system but with cars and car abilities (for instance I use one called Bribe that lets you start with an item, usually a shield or repair kit. Others let you get more fans (XP), have a larger blast radius for your barge, do more ramming damage, convert certain types of damage into health or items, etc)

so is anyone else playing now that it’s opened up to everyone on XBL (and possibly PSN, I dunno)