Bo and Luke Duke

Correct me if I’m wrong, but on the T.V. show “The Dukes of Hazzard” didn’t the Duke Boys have the doors to the General Lee welded shut. My question is why, and how did they roll the windows up when it rained?

The reason the doors were welded shut was to keep them from flying open in a wreck. The General Lee was a real thrasher car fixed up to go tear-assin’ around and IIRC it was fixed up as if for a demolition derby.

As far as the windows go, they could have still been rolled up and down with the doors welded. I’m not sure that it had side windows at all though.

Yeah, but how would they have rolled up the windows and gotten out of the car?

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The doors and windows worked fine - they just weren’t smart enough to figure em out.

Neither was Daisy, which was why they got her a vehicle that didn’t even have doors (it just ain’t lady-like to be climbin in through the window).

Now, you may not have noticed but I do not believe in the entire run, it ever rained on the Dukes of Hazzard.

The windows might work, but they could probably cover the car when they were not in it, but yes the doors were welded shut. It gives more of the racing effect.


According to some blooper books, there were a few eps where the actors forgot to climb in and opened the doors. This usually took place in the far background.

The real question is if Beau and Luke and Daisy were all cousins to each other and Uncle Jesse was thier uncle. What happend to thier parents. Were all 6 killed. And don’t forget Coy and Vance which were cousins that made 10 parents. So that is 5 kids plus Uncle Jesse. Was this ever explained??

Obi wan Kenobi, sensing that Bo and Luke would be strong with the force like their father, sent them to live with their uncle Jessie in the remote Hazzard system. There they would be safe from the plans of the evil Empire.

Daisy was a vat-grown pleasure gelf, put there to entertain the 15 to 25 year old male demographic.

Coy and Vance were a cheap plot contrivence (like that whole “mideochloreans” crap) to keep the show going while Bo and Luke battled the Dark Side for better contracts.


P.S: I’m resisting the temptation to do a Jar Jar Binks / Enos comparison…

Daisy might not had much in the brain department, but she gave us a very interesting fashion trend. I’m in her debt.

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We all are.

daisy dukes I bow to you… and only under durest do I get up!

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I thought this was the straight dope! It seems more like the straight joke! One person provided an answer, RTA:

I have to disagree. For one, I remember that Boss Hogg had the doors welded shut in hopes of preventing the Duke boys from using the car… why he didnt just dismantle or wreck it I dont know but Boss Hogg was not known for his genius, but then that would have made for a short-lived series huh? The second reason pertains to your keeping the doors closed in a wreck theory. Um, the Duke boys were the good drivers… Roscoe and Enos were the ones who wrecked.

The doors are welded shut to provide chassis rigidity. The “General Lee” was a (dirt track) stock car. A race car.
I grew up in a part of the south that was not all that different from the way Hazzard was portrayed. It was not all that uncommon for a “good ole boy” to drive his racer during the week (the cars were usually in MUCH worse shape, though).
FTR, a car very much like the General (Plymouth B-body, welded doors, fuel cell in trunk, nerf bars, rollbars, painted numbers, etc.) was still winning more than not in this type of racing as recently as '97.