Bo Diddley in Hospital After Stroke

Come on, Bo, we need all the icons we can get.

Hang in there.

I hope the EKG machine can keep a Bo Diddley beat.

All Good Wishes.

Bad news. After the stroke mentioned in the OP a few months ago Bo Diddley had a heart attack yesterday:

Musician Bo Diddley suffers heart attack

My thoughts are with him. We owe so much to this guy, one of the true giants of rock.

Here he is at his peak, rocking the joint with Hey Bo Diddley followed by Bo Diddley.

YouTube video

The man will live forever. Rock’n’roll will never die!

Scout is gonna take this real hard.

Hang in there, Originator.

Oh no! Hang in there Bo.

First Max Roach now Bo Diddley, all my musical heroes are dieing.

Bo’s not dead yet, NAF. The article states he’s in stable copndition.

A heart attack after having a stroke. What’s next for Bo, plague?

Great clip! I saw bo a couple of times in the 1980’s. Once was freaking awesome. Get well.

Wierdest thing, I saw a guy that looked like Bo’s twin in Tibet. I mean he was a Tibetan nomad and they were definately seperated at birth twins.

Damn. I saw him perform a couple of times in the past few years and it was already obvious that he was in declining health…but it sure looked like he was still enjoying himself up on stage. I hope he pulls through this latest incident okay.

When I saw him, his opening band was godawful, but once he got up on stage it made everything worthwhile. My jaw dropped open in amazement at the first chord and stayed that way pretty much through the entire show–he’s transcended rock 'n roll.

Hell, girls young enough to be his granddaughters were throwing their bras at him :smiley:

He is a true legend. I saw him two or three times in small clubs and he was great.

Bom pa bom pa bom Pa bom bom

I’ve seen Bo 4 times, including once with Ron Wood which was sublime. Get well soon Bo.