Scott Stapp- Drunk and Disorderly

It’s like they had Kurt Cobain sitting in!

You know, most people would pay extra to go to this concert! I know I would.

Anyway, I know Stapp is pretty unfavorable here (everywhere?). Isn’t his dad a preacher or a minister? I’m sure he wouldn’t approve. :smiley:

Is he able to sing the lyrics of a single Creed song when he’s sober?

[singing=badly]Can you get me hiiiiiggghhher?[/singing]

I think someone’s fifteen minutes are just about up.

Hielloooo mwa freeeund we myeet uhgiiiiiin, itsbeeen uhwow whiuh should we begiiiin???
I guess I shouldn’t poke fun. It’s a good thing that people are able to make money with their disabilities these days. I mean, he does have a severe speech impediment, doesn’t he?