Kid Rock, Scott Stapp sextape to hit stores?
Okay, so they’re not having sex with each other, but they’re gettin’ freaky with some ladies together.
So here’s my question: are famous people now making sex tapes with the hope they’ll get ‘leaked’ to the public? I can’t imagine what would possess these two guys to allow this after-hours orgy to be videotaped otherwise.

Obviously, there’s probably alcohol and drugs in their systems while this is happening, so the thinking’s not as clear as it should be, but COME ON!

For Stapp, it’s not like he and Creed are exactly blowing things up in the music industry right now, so I imagine any publicity is good publicity. And I get the feeling Kid Rock likes anything that boosts his "Sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll’ image.

So are people doing this on purpose now?

I think it’s entirely possible for there to have been taping going on wihtout it being part of a marketing plan. It could be just as you say, though. It would make sense, especially if they could get this Red Light guy to provide plausible deniability

Oh thank god, I could feel just the thought of it turning me heterosexual.

This is Scott Stapp from Creed, right? The Christian band Creed? Somewhere in the dim recesses of my mind I seem to recall a Behind the Music that talked about how he overcame his drug addiction and drinking or something to become a born again Christian. Am I completely wrong or is this pretty standard behavior from Creed?

Creed broke up a year ago or more, and the members minus Stapp went on to form Alter (sp?) Bridge. Stapp is a solo artist now.

Not terribly long before their breakup, Stapp performed in a Creed concert in Chicago and was apparently barely standing, having trouble remembering the lyrics, etc. It was so bad that a lawsuit was filed by various audience members to get their ticket money back (IIRC the concert was ended early as well). I heard an interview with one of the ex-members who was delicately trying to say that Stapp was drunk or wasted or both, and since the members don’t hang out together right before the show, the other members didn’t realize it until after they were already onstage and mortified at his behavior.

So I’m thinking that the drugs/alcohol guess is a good one, and that Christianity didn’t save him from his addictions after all.

Creed was not a christian rock band.

Could have fooled me.

They’ve had a long and complicated love-hate relationship with Christian Rock. They aways denied that they were a Christian Rock band, but the lyrics, crucifix tattoos and Christ-like poses told a different story.

Apparently, in 2001, Scott Stapp did an online Q&A with fans:

Apparently part of the tape involves Kid Rock getting figged. :eek:

(If you don’t know what figging is, it’s sticking a freshly peeled ginger root up a person’s rectum. I really don’t want to think about Kid Rock’s rectum.)

Just for the record: Any time Kid Rock and/or Scott Stapp have tapes of any kind hit the stores, the world is worse off.

Maybe they could have a pay-per-view fight to the death. The winner could go on an all expenses paid hunting trip with Dick Cheney. Gosh I’d love that.

Either Mr. Stapp is an exaggeratin’ m-f, or somewhere on this earth are ten women with bad judgement enough to have simultaneous shenanigans with Kid Rock and Scott Stapp but not quite enough to sign a release form.

Where do you think the smart money is?

Stapp’s a tool. And I watched that dumb Behind the Music documentary on him, too, so I know entirely too much about the guy.

According to the documentary, his dad’s a hardline conservative Protestant (he might be a Baptist minister, I misremember). Stereotypically, he smushed Scott under his thumb, and stereotypically, Scott rebelled. In technicolor.

I don’t think Creed’s a Christian rock band, but it’s true that their lyrics would lead one to believe so - they contain many, many Christian themes. I’m glad that Altarbridge kicked him out, and I’m glad that Altarbride is doing much better than Stapp’s solo effort.

Gods, a Kid Rock/Stapp sextape? Ewwww. I don’t think I could handle that much skank in one package.

Wikipedia entry on figging:

The thought of watching this happen to Kid Rock while Scott Stapp looks on is just so many kinds of fucked up. :frowning:

Re: them doing multiple chicks

The 90 seconds or so of it that I saw just showed them getting blown by the chicks. That’s probably how they come by those numbers.

And man oh man were those chicks skanky. They had to be drunk for that shit to look good.

Yup, they are definately 10 shots pretty.

This tape just shot to #1 on my list of things to avoid on the internet. And I have a pretty high tolerance for ocular pain.

Ze goggles! Ze do nozzing!

Scott is so adored by his fans. In case anyone missed this, read about Scott getting pranked at a Denny’s in Florida:

If they WERE having sex with each other, I would have to assume that Kid Rock would be the pitcher and Stapp the catcher.