Creed is breaking up! Praise Jesus!

Yes, the thread title is completely meant in irony, but my sheer and utter joy at reading this news is not. Finally, the worst band of the past 10 years is no more. When I found out the news I was literally giddy and I’ve still got a smile on my face.

Thank you, God, for banishing this sonic plauge. :smiley:

Unfortunately things might be worse, because they’re still popular. They’ll start off with a one time “born again” in about 10 years, but the success will bring them back full time.

You heard it here first.

Of course 10 years of no Creed is a wonderful thing.

Creed breaks up within two weeks of Phish breaking up? Now it all makes sense…Trey sacrificed Phish because he knew it was the only way to stop Creed. :smack: It all makes sense now. Trey, for your noble deed, I applaud you. I only hope Phish reforms for their 10-year reunion before Creed does.

Creed is just a less interesting Pearl Jam revival. I read that somewhere and went back and listened to Ten and I have to totally agree with that statement.

Somebody even worse’ll hit it big.

I’ll bet they launch their reunion tour three days from now.

I like Creed! :frowning:

They are not the worst band of the last ten years and if you go back and listen to My Own Prison and Human Clay you’ll see they’re great CDs.

Weathered not so much, but nobody’s perfect.

Wow this almost give me faith in the lord again.

Anyone else think the lead singer actually thought he WAS Jesus?


Whell ah juhust heard
That Cahreed baroque uhup!
And nahow ah nahoe
how bahad thuhey suhuck

So cuhlose the boohook
and tahurn the puhage
and guhive me back
thuhuh letter “H”!


LOL! :smiley:

Please, Creed is the worst band of the last 10 years!? Cmon, get real man.

I’m not a huge Creed fan by any stretch, but I respect them a lot. They have written some very good, well crafted songs full of unforgetable hooks, soaring power chords, and good lyrics. They have a charismatic lead singer with great stage presense. They have a really good lead guitarist and an underrated drummer. Their debut album was, in my mind, the best debut album by any band since G-n-R’s “Appetite for Destruction”. They wrote one of the best crossover power ballads of all-time with “With Arms Wide Open”.

Pretentious, preachy, irritating…Yes

Worst band in the last 10 years? Not even close!

I laughed so hard! At times in the past I’ve been subjected to Creed because Mr. Purl likes them. ugh.

But, but, but… how do you expect people to keep their message board cred without knocking Creed? How else can they be just as cool as everyone else?

I can’t say I’m sorry to see them leave the scene, but they weren’t all that bad. They had a really good song on their first albumn. No, not “My Own Prison” the other one.

Unfortunately, all their other songs sounded just like it. Then they remixed “Arms Wide Open”, which originally was long ad boring, with strings, wich made it long, boring, and pretensious. And what was the deal with all those meteors?

They totally lost me then,

I can’t look at Scott Stapp without thinking he’s a walking wanna-be Jesus bobble-head doll. Also one of the worst singers in rock history. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, QUIT SINGING THROUGH YOUR CHIN!!!

Nope, the worst band is a tie between whoever wrote the fucking Macarena (the latest iteration) and Baha Men (who let the dogs out).

Although during certain videogame shit talking sessions, I have been known to demoralize my enemy by dancing in their face singing “who let yo momz out? woof woof woof, who let yo momz out?”
I hope that my music has a chance to be the worst music ever made one day.

Creed isn’t even the worst band with a five letter name. Train is so much worse it’s hard to even put them on the same scale.

And really, are they any worse than Evanescence? No. Are they really less talented than Britney Spears or Ruben Studdard? No. Are they really any worse than Linkin Park? Not a chance.

I would put all of the above “bands,” including Creed, on the same plateau, and the name of that plateau is Suck.

I see little reason to celebrate.

Scott Stapp is embarking on a solo career. The other three members are regrouping with another singer. Now we have, as The Count might say, “One … TWO SHITTY BANDS! AH HAH HAH!”

To put it another way, we had one bacterium that transmits the suckiness disease, and that bacterium has reproduced.

Actually, yes (but I have no idea who Train are). Although they might not be worse than Limp Bizkit. It’s a toss-up between Scott Stapp and Fred Durst for worst front man in all of rock.

My favorite Creed moments:

  1. Dave Ghrol’s hilarious ‘cover’ of “Arms Wide Open” on some Calif. radio station. “Annunciate…hwrrarah!”

  2. Pop up video:

"This video’s theme: a spiritual journey

Last video’s theme: a spiritual journey"