Creed is breaking up! Praise Jesus!

With Evanescence still lurking out there and a cellular division by Creed, I fear that Glurge Rock will only become more virulent and widespread.

Worst of all is the news that Stapp is participating in some sort of “all star” album inspired by Mel Gibson’s Passion. I can feel that album sucking already and han’t even been recorded yet.

The Stappless version of Creed may have dumped enough suck from their roster to flourish. They were capable of some catchy riffs now and then but Scott Stapp is one of the most wretched and amateurish lyricists in recent memory. I’ve seen more artfulness and depth in Hallmark cards. I’m not just saying that because of the Christian subject matter either. The guy is just a talentless hack as a poet. Combine that with the narcissistic Jesus poses (Only one singer has ever been able to get away with the Jesus poses without looking like a complete tool. That would be Bono and he even he just barely manages) and the prima donna attitude and you have one of the worst rock artists of the last decade.

Last I heard, Creed was second only to Limp Bizkit as the most hated band in the US. Rolling Stone, I think said it.

In terms of Suck, Creed are The Beatles compared to Nicke^H^H^H^H^Nikkle^H^H^H^H^HNikcle^H^H^H^H^WhatTheFuckEver-Back.

I was foolish enough to buy whatever CD the song Higher is on, what a total piece of junk. I pretty much resented them completely after that. I didn’t like there subsequent releases either so they didn’t disappoint.

Apparently they are a Christian rock band, no? Well didn’t the lead singer make a total ass out of himself on stage once because he showed up drunk? One would think they guy would at least attempt to be a role model.