For all the CREED haters, here's more fuel for the fire.

Creed fans want money back. Thought singer was drunk but later realized that Creed sucks. (Thanks to Fark)


Jealousy’s an ugly thing.

So now he thinks he’s Jim Morrison? I thought he thought he was the Messiah. Whatever.

I love this excerpt from the band’s e-mail apology:

I gues “most unique” is a synonym for most suck-ass, and that’s saying a lot when it comes to Creed.

I also like how they try to gloss Stapp’s substance abuse problem as a “health” issue. There was nothing in the band’s public statement which really tried to explain anything, they just tried to turn it around like the audoence had exprrienced some kind of special rock and roll “moment” and they should be grateful. How insulting. Of course,I might say that anyone who would pay good money for a Creed ticket should expect a crappy show, but I suppose they were entitled to hear Stapp babble his junior high school poetry into a microphone once they paid for it. I can’t wait to watch the Behind the Music episode on Creed in a few more years.

I’m confused with why people see Creed in the first place. If you want to hear Pearl Jam, just go see THEM.

I thought I heard this on NPR several weeks ago. Anyway, there is no need to add more fuel to the Creed-hating fire since they are already made of gasoline.

Even Jesus hates Creed.

So wait, you’re saying that anyone who doesn’t like a band must be jealous? Has it ever occurred to you that maybe they just don’t like the music?


Nope. Not gonna do it. Not gonna jump on the “Creed Hating” bandwagon.

I’ll admit it. I like Creed! I thought their first album was the best debut album by a rock band since Appetite for Destruction. That’s right, you heard me! I thought their second album was a great follow-up. Major props for avoiding the “sophmore slump” that plagues so many bands. Higher was a perfect AOR Rock song; big, fat, juicy hooks. With Arms Wide Open was the best damn Rock Power Ballad since the glory days of Steve Perry. Not afraid to admit that I like Power Ballads either. Their last album was up to the same quality as the first two, but contained some really good songs. “My Sacrifice”, another Modern Rock smash.

I think their guitarist is one of the most underrated guitar players in Modern Rock. Excellent technique, first-rate “hook inventor”, good stage presence.

I think their drummer kicks ass!

And yes, dare I say it…Scott Stapp is an “A Level” front man!

Ok, fire away. :wink:

I agree. I am pretty much all-metal, all the time, but I think Mark Tremonti is an excellent guitar player who somehow pulls epic riff after epic riff out of thin air song after song. The rest of the band is forgetable, but Mark is a good guitarist who unfortunately gets lumped in as “shitty Creed”.

Marley23, please don’t insult Pearl Jam like that.

Me too! Almost. I thought it was the worst debut album by a rock band since Appetite for Destruction.

For what is worth, Creed, way back before they hit it very big, played at Universal City Walk in Orlando. It was “street” concerts, about 20 minutes or so, not bad, not great, groups play there all the time. Afterwards the group would hang out at Cigarz, and they were as nice as can be, including the lead singer. Talking to all, smiling, having pictures taken. Maybe fame has changed them.