Scott Stapp claims he's broke and homeless

I figured he’d probably end up this way eventually, assuming the story is true.

I guess Kid Rock sex tape money doesn’t last forever.

This kind of makes me feel bad for all the mean things I’ve said about Creed over the years.

Wait a minute–no it doesn’t. Creed sucks ass.

This story went viral in 2005. It’s just as funny now as it was then.

Why doesn’t he just pray a little harder? :confused:

I don’t see why, they all just look like jerks. Nothing actually funny happened.

So what you’re saying is it wasn’t funny in 2005.

Sounds like he needs mental health services. Quickly.

I found out a few years back that he lived very near me, close enough that he likely went to the same supermarket I do (assuming he ever went to the supermarket himself). I told myself to try to remember to look at his pic, so I’d recognize him if I see him.

I never remembered to look at his pic, so if he was ever at my local Publix while I was there, I didn’t notice him.


I thought it was hilarious. So did a lot of other people, which was why it went viral in the first place.

True. He probably needed them all along.

Scott Stapp is broke; thanks Obama.

On the plus side, Obamacare offers mental health services.

Damn. Yes, Creed sucked ass and all that, but I knew Scott back in college. He was a bit of a dick but nowhere near as bad as some of the other wanna-be garage band leaders. Used to go to “rehearsals” at his house and once even filled in for the bassist for a bit. Fun times.

Haha if that’s the case, there is no way in hell that you and I don’t know some of the same people.

He was much more of a dick after Creed got signed, trust me.

Yeah he did Eddie Vedder for the most part but I always thought Creed was a pretty serviceable arena rock band. The lyrics were just sound to me, couldn’t tell you what they were most of the time, but his voice worked most of the time, Mark Tremonti was, and still is, a great riff-meister. Creed was also huge at a time when most bands were barely playing their instruments (Nu-Metal inception).