Board problem (not in FAQ)

Curiously, neither time I have posted in the pit today updated the thread. My comments were posted, but the thread was not bumped to the top, and the “last post by” wasn’t updated. Both times I used the quick reply box, is that the reason for this mild hiccup?

The threads in question are:

I ask this question here, because I’m not all that annoyed by it and do not think this deserves a pit thread. Also, other people may be experienceing the same thing so I posted a thread instead of taking this to e-mail. At any rate, I thought it might be good to bring it to your attention and ask what’s going on - I hope it is not indicative of a larger technical problem.

In the technical issues FAQ there is a section discussing why sometimes you would see a thread with zero posts. The answer to that would also apply to your question.

For further discussion, see here and here. I think all will be clear.