Board Rules question concerning adult topics

I have a question about the board rules concerning adult sexuality type topics. Say I wanted to start a thread in CS about favorite pornographic web sites…would this be acceptable if I put in an adult content disclaimer? I admit its been a fair while since I’ve read through the rules and I seem to recall something about this, but I can’t quite remember whether or not this is one of those forbidden things that will get a thread locked in short order or not.

If it IS forbidden, whats the rationale? Would it be listing the pornographic web sites as links, or would it simply be the frank discussion of adult sexuality?

Thanks in advance for the help. :slight_smile:


I am (obviously) not a mod, but it might be covered under this: [

]( from the FAQ near the top of this forum.
On the other hand, we’ve had threads asking about oral sex preferences and swallowing and on and on, so who knows? I’m sure links would be right out though.

Nothing that links directly to porn sites, that’s our rule; there needs to be at least two clicks before you see nudity or blatant pitches. These links need to be clearly marked as not being safe for work. We have a lot of people who read from the office and these kinds of links are problematical.

As for content otherwise, thread titles tend to be descriptive; if your boss would be upset to see you reading about sex habits and preferences, that’s also a tip not to open such threads in the office.

All that being said, context is key. Generally you can talk ABOUT damn near anything; it’s what you do with the topic that keeps it open or gets it closed. We can’t tell you exactly where that line is, but we do know it when we see someone goes over it. You are encouraged to write us off the board with specific questions as to the fitness of content.

Fair enough. I was curious how things stand on the board. Appreciate the info.