No sex talk in non-sex threads?

Idle Thoughts says (in response to nevadaexile’s comment about wanting to screw Sara Palin)…

So it’s against the rules to say we’d like to have sex with off-board persons or celebrities?

Do you remember the kerfuffle several months back? Saying you’d like to have sex with a non-member third party who hasn’t communicated interest in having sex with you is as close as you can get to sexual assault without actually shaking her hand!

Did Idle Thoughts say this?

Sarah Palin was definitely a VPCILF.
ETA: Is this thread about sex?

Not against the rules, no…but putting sexual remarks in posts that aren’t about sex is something we’re trying to have posters avoid after the 2-3 big topics about it a few months ago.

Example: If the topic is “Is Sarah Palin sexy?”, making a post like “I’d have sex with her” would be fitting.

In an example of “I think Sarah Palin would make a good president”, that type of post would more off topic.

I see the post I gave the note for as part of the second example.

This scenario seems extremely unlikely from the onset.

There was a time last summer when it was declared against the rules to make sexual jokes or innuendos in a thread that didn’t have them yet.

That’s what she said, anyway.

It was about as successful as Prohibition.

So, is this a sex thread or a non-sex thread?

The solution seems clear. When starting new threads the onus is apparently on the OP to make clear up front that sex talk is OK. Once this has been established by the OP then apparently anything goes. So we should use a keyword in thread titles to make this clear. My vote is “[sexytime]”.

e.g. “A comparative study of Vice Presidential candidates of the past 30 years [sexytime]”

“What is your favorite color? [sexytime]”

“US Civil War question [sexytime]”



If it is not against the rules, how can you tell someone not to do it?

This isn’t Penthouse.

I’ve always thought Sarah Palin needed a good screwing.

But not in a sexual sense.


Hey, some people vote based on who they’d like to have a beer with! I’m not saying fuckability ranks above foreign policy agenda as a key issue for me, but it ranks somewhere ahead of whether they wear a flag pin and roughly on par with which church they go to.

Schroedinger’s pussy…

Is it okay if I don’t want to have sex with Sarah Pailin?

Hey, every position is a superposition if you’re doing it right.

I wasn’t.

I was telling someone not to make a sexually suggestive comment in a non-sexual thread, which is frowned on doing here.
See my examples in post number five. The first example is not against the rules. The second is a problem here and that’s what I was giving the note for.
The part you’re quoting me on is me saying “It’s not against the rules” to do example number one.

How you doin’? In the event that this is a non-sex thread, the preceding question is a dry inquiry regarding the well-being of the poster and the added emphasis merely reflects the unusual speech patterns of my people.

Ah. I misunderstood. Carry on then.