Board time off?

I’m noticing that my posts are appearing about 20 minutes before I make them. Am I prescient?

Yes, you are. You are now qualified to start your own psychic hotline; but you can’t advertise it on the SDMB, because that’s spamming.

But of course you already knew I was going to say that.

Hey, they fixed it! :: huzzah ::

Let’s test that.

So much for my career as a precog.

The server clock tends to drift from an accurate time setting. This is not maintained by the techs, they’re too busy doing other things. However, if they’re doing other maintenance to the board, it’s not difficult to reset the clock, one of those “while I’m here” things. So while the board was down for maintenance yesterday, the clock was also reset.

It will drift again. People will complain about it. Life goes on.

your humble TubaDiva

Network Time Protocol

If I can sync my time on my micky-mouse network with the Navy’s atomic clock, the message board admins can. I can’t imagine that its not supported out of the box by whatever OS this board is running.