Why is the board's clock running two minutes slow?

For the last several weeks, the timestamps on posts have been 1-2 minutes behind the rest of the world. I’ve tried synchronizing my computer’s clock to match the board clock, but Windows keeps resetting it.

Any chance this could be fixed?

Cecil keeps it that way because it gives him an extra two minutes.

Also, if Cecil is ever trapped in a crashing elevator, he will wait until six inches before it hits the ground and then jump up into the air.

It might sound ridiculous to US, but trust me, Cecil knows.

Posting this at 6:05 by my computer clock.

6:07 on computer as I start typing this post. Will hit “submit” at 6:08

Guess Uke was right.

It’s the clock Cecil made for a school project and, well, you know the rest.

I’ll play. Hitting Submit at 6:35 PM …

Submitting this at 8:07am local time.

EDIT: Huh. It is two minutes slow.

Huh, the board’s smoke detectors aren’t working either.

Switch! Apoc!

I’m from two minutes in the future! Quick hide under the bed!

We were trying to keep this quiet until we decided how to use it in the stock market.
Thanks a lot!

No. The 2 minute delay (think of the 5 min delay on live TV) gives the mods time to read every post before they’re actually posted and delete or modify any that they don’t like.

I thought it was due to Cecil moving the server to his Mars station.

Why are the rest of the clocks running two minutes fast?

I knew it. This place is a deathtrap.

You think we should take the plastic wrap off the windows?

Don’t talk crazy! That’s what’s protecting us from the anthrax.

I tried to alert everyone of what I now see is related, on 3/24/14 at 3:16 PM (SD Standard Time). And you all laughed, laughed…
A major error in every single edited post! Please fix!
OMG! I just noticed it. I’m flabbergasted, and gobsmacked, if I can take a stab at understanding what Brits mean by that word.

How long has this been going on?

What does this say about SD’s COMMITMENT TO QUALITY CONTROL?


[Reason for edit:]Extra period after each date stamp in "Last edited by…

Who’s alarmist now? :dubious:

I thought some one spilled a box of cornstarch.