This Board's Performance is Ass!

(new thread started with permission from TubaDiva)

Suprisingly there hasn’t been any timeouts for me today, but that could be because I haven’t been here much today. Anyone experiencing timeouts today?

Some of this board’s posters are ass, too.

Here I sit
Broken hearted
Came to shit
And only farted

No problems at all for the last few days. Maybe it’s you.


I have had problems. And I try not to rant or whine about it. Yesterday the board abruptly timed out. This morning it did too.

Last night I tried to hit it at home and it just wouldn’t go to the website. Yet every other website I hit was working.

This isn’t a rant or a whine. I’m just tired of hearing people say “It never times out; it must be just you.” This really isn’t a comment on EjsGirl whom I like a lot, but on people I have regularly seen in these kind of threads. It’s not just one person. It happens all the time!

It’s been mostly great for me today, with a few exceptions. Yesterday it was total ass. It was a fucking donkey convention.

I had problems late last night - pages would not load and would finally time-out. What the heck causes this? I know there can’t be that much going on here at 1 a.m.

Everything’s just peachy keen.

I have problems accessing the board consistently. It doesn’t upset me that much, but it’s definitely common.

Slow day at the office, eh?

You should try to be original next time, though; start a thread about transvestite midget porn or how toy poodles are responsible for the downfall of Soviet Communism.


Today good. Yesterday, ass-tastic. Totally suckerific. Mucho crappo. Stupefyingly shitty. Blew more goats than a bestiality convention. Sucked on HUGE, sweaty donkey balls. And so on.

Did I mention that yesterday sucked?

Some problems, maybe once or twice yesterday, but today is fine.

It happens, but it’s never bugged me as much as it seems to bother others.

Yeah, pretty sure I had a couple timeouts earlier this morning.

It’s gotten so I hardly remember them anymore, it’s such a regular occurrence. It’s like not remembering if I closed the garage door in the morning, because I do it every day.

ARGH. Today is most certainly not fine.

Including this lastest one. “Server cannot be found” for about 20 minutes.

Maybe the board would work faster if people didn’t continuosly post about how slow it is.

Some days are okay. Other days there are periods of 5 - 20 minutes where I’m blocked out. So far today I’ve hit one block that lasted about ten minutes.

And I’m not on constantly, just constantly off and on.

thanks a fuck of a lot. Right after you posted this thread, I started to get time outs.

::taps foot angrily::

So, you see, it’s your fault.

Yesterday was fine for me. Today it’s timed out a couple of times.

Not a biggie though. All websites time out from time to time, especially as one as busy as the SDMB.