SDMB clock is 4 minutes slow

Lately the times shown on SDMB posts are 4 minutes less than the time shown at the U.S. government’s official clock. There’a Mafia game in progress with deadlines so you need to fix this! :wink:

Yes, this may be a silly nitpick, but it did strike me as odd; until recently I think the times were correct. I happened to notice the discrepancy when I was checking the 5-minute time for a post edit.

(At first I assumed the time on my aging and obsolescent laptop was wrong, rather than that of the supercomputers directing the World’s Best Message Board. :cool: I almost just reset my laptop’s time without further ado, but invested a few keystrokes to check WWV.)

Yeah. There’s already been a thread on this, though it was started back when we were only two minutes slow, but eventually progressed to four minutes.

I mentioned potential tech problems that it could cause, but I never thought about Mafia.

I can only think the cron job that should be checking the network time isn’t running properly.

Gak! Embarassing. :o Mods, please close this redundant thread.

The upcoming leap day (the 29th) should take care of this.

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