Straight Dope Clock

This has been making me nucking futs for years:

Why is the SDMB clock 5 minutes out?

That’s all, folks.

Since this is a question about this message board, I’ll move this thread to ATMB.

moderator GQ

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my machine is set to the atomic clock in Denver Colorado every time I go on the net. The message board for me is always 3 minutes behind.

I don’t worry about a few minutes out, here and there.

It’s when I have to mentally adjust an hour or so either way, it gets a bit of a pain (there’s no timezone in the preferences which matches New Zealand Daylight Saving, which thankfully ends in just under four hours from now.)

Ice Wolf

The time either way isn’t a big deal, but the SDMB reports GMT time. Even when the page is refreshed, the time reported is in error; lagging by 3 minutes for me and 5 for flano1.

This is a sync problem and I sink the SDMB folks should sink about this.

Causes bad puns an’ all. :slight_smile:

Ice Wolf

And… what about the leading zero, as in 06:45 PM GMT . We’re either on international standard time – 24 hour clock or using Am, Pm without the zero. The message board combines both. I’m not sure whether to cook dinner or take the dog out for his morning leak.

I argued that we should use a stop clock, so that it would be right twice a day, but I was outvoted.


I understand the stop clock, but that would be too expensive. Maybe they could use a sundial.

In Chicago?
In March?


Well… flood lights could help…

Eh, I’m still not overly fussed. When I first started posting here, I fell back onto GMT, but the confusion over AM and PM annoyed me so I try now to get as close to the actual timezone in preferences which matches mine as I can.

And as today, I’m back in Standard Time, so th’ problem’s solved. As this isn’t the only messageboard with time errors by a matter of minutes, perhaps it’s a wider issue than the hamsters skipping a beat?

I’ve notified the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to let them know that, according to our server’s clock, they are three minutes ahead. They have not replied yet. I assume they are working on the problem.

Currently, here in B.C. the time dispalys 10:59-11:00 PM as I am typing this.

And voila, it’s 11PM!

I don’t see it.

And if you’re in New Zealand, then my today is your yesterday and your today is my tomorrow. Therefore, you are writing to me from the future! Have they invented flying cars in the future yet?


Oh, I really do like your style, Phax. Please, please stay around, okay? :wink:

Flying cars? This is NZ. We have enough probs with us folks being dusted with moth spray every few days, let alone worry about airborne dilithium guzzlers! :slight_smile:

Well, that’s your problem, right there. These clocks only work in A.D., not in B.C., they get all screwed up when trying to do B.C. because there was no year zero.