Board time one hour off

I take it USians have switched to DST? I’m in a country that doesn’t observe DST and board times are now one hour fast. If I set the DST correction option to “Always on”, then board time is two hours fast.

We switch at 2am local time tonight.
The time sees accurate to me - it claims I posted this at 8:01, and that’s the same time my computer has.

You’re an alien. In the US, board time is correct.

I’m not an alien, I’m a time traveller.

Hmmm, I wonder if this is because I’m also across the International Date Line, so it’s already tomorrow where I am. I guess we’ll see in a few hours.

Well, there’s also a setting in your User CP > Edit Options to turn off or on (or auto) Daylight Saving Time. Maybe check that out.

The DST option is already off. It makes no difference if I change it to auto; the board time is an hour fast. If I turn it on, the board time becomes two hours fast.

Users have been noting for some time now that board clock is 2 minutes fast, then 4 minutes fast . . . See recent ATMB thread(s) on this. It was bound to reach 2 hours fast sooner or later. This is just the accumulated compound interest on your SDMB Daylight Savings Account.

That was fixed.

Posting at 12:49am cdt (but my pc is not synched to anything) (which is why the time is off 30secs to a minute).

I’m looking forward to setting my clock forward an hour: means about 2 months and then Summer Vacation Time!

I am pleased to report that the problem has corrected itself some time in the past couple hours. Must have been an interaction between my timezone and the switch to DST.

This happens twice a year at the time change. It always resolves itself shortly.

Pssstttt. It’s a sundial, not a clock.

Hamster-powered clocks have never been reliable ever since the hamsters unionized.

It’s a leap year, as well. Where I live we do not observe this leap year nonsense.

I’m posting this Tuesday afternoon. What day is it for you?

Well, I refuse to recognize the Gregorian calendar. Always have. I’m still on the Julian.

Julian calendar? It’ll be a cold day in hell 'fore I recognize more’n ten months!

You puny earthlings are so cute. I’m using the Darian calendar!

(Posting @24:13, Sol 263, Aquarius 144158)

Or, using the Eternal September calendar, that (yesterday) would be
September 8231, 1993.