Time on the SDMB?

I’ve just noticed that the time showing on threads/posts this morning is an hour later than my local time. Is this happening for others too?

I’m pretty sure when I first logged on this a.m. the time was correct, but sometime in the last couple of hours it’s gone all wobbly on me!

Wrong for me as well. It’s now 9:05am and your post is showing as 9:24am. How did you manage that, you clever thing!

Daylight Saving Time, dudes. I guess they don’t have that in Oz.

Ahhh, so you Yankees switched forward today then? We’ve still got DST until April 6th here.

However, I’ve never encountered the problem until now, and I’ve been here 13 yrs! Normally the boards just adjust to our local time automatically. Wonder what the glitch is?

The weird thing is that we don’t shift to DST until 2am tomorrow.

It’s a feature.

Not so weird - 2 am tomorrow happened in Australia between 6 and 9 hours ago.

You mean the Aussies got the jump on us?

Everything is fine here, but then I’m in the same time zone as the board. Maybe something got borked in the upgrade.

If so, I hope that means Jerry will have time to also mess with the smileys.


Aaaand it’s back to normal again!

We can breathe a sigh of relief Aussies…the time warp has rectified itself, or something. :wink:

San Francisco testing…

That doesn’t make sense, it’s an hour behind me. We are suppose to spring forward it right?

CST test
ETA: correct time

I’ve noticed a related problem. Sometimes I’ll come here for five minutes or so. But then I notice that all my clocks are screwed up. Not just the clock on my computer, but all the clocks in the house jump forward by an hour or two.

Does anybody really know what time it is?

Does anybody really care? (poll to come)

25 or 6 to 4.