Daylight Saving Time? My time is messed up

According to my UserCP Options, I have Daylight Saving automatically detected, and my timezone correctly chosen, but nevertheless it’s telling me the current time is actually an hour earlier (it says 10.08am, when it’s really 11.08am). Is that something that can be addressed, or do I have to do something manually myself?

I think it’s because DST was moved back a week, and your computer is still set up with the old changeover date. I noticed that myself on our home computer, but I was able to manually reset the time.

No, my DST hasn’t changed. I’m in AU, we had our changeover a month ago. It’s something on the SDMB that’s not working right.

Oh, sorry, I misunderstood. Unless the SDMB clocks are wrong?

shows correct for me

Weird. My Dope clock is an hour off from my cellphone/watch/microwave, but matches my computer/alarm clock. The watch & nuker need manual resets, everything else should be automatic – Cell & 'puter are less than a year old – alarm clock theoretically does the conversion for GMT by satellite, if I didn’t hit the wrong button, and if the batteries aren’t fading.

Which is backwards from yours. Hmmm.

So what time is it really? I can convert across time zones, I just need an accurate starting point.
And a scapegoat. I need a scapegoat. Someone must be cussed for this confusion . . . but whom?

Tell me what time it really is, please so I can focus on finding someone to blame.

From here, the SDMB time is an hour slow – then again, as NZ is at the extreme range of time zones under Options, the Dope has never coped well when we have our DST.

My page is showing correct time for EST. Handled the change overnight perfectly.

Hmm. The time is now correct. Perhaps it was just a 24 hour thing.

That’s funny. I see

Aye – it came right a few hours after I’d posted, Kiwi Fruit. Funny, indeed! :slight_smile: