Board wars

When is it permissible to mention SDMB or link to an SDMB thread on another message board?

For example, can we post this at another message board? ‘I disagree with what you have posted. There’s a discussion at The Straight Dope on this subject wherein many posters provide contrary evidence.’

I don’t think the SDMB has any control over how you conduct yourself on other boards. I suspect you need to ask on that board whether it’s acceptable to post links back to here.

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I would think you could cite this board most every place, as long as you do so with civility and respect. And that would not be a problem.

It’s when people go to Fist City that we get concerned. That’s what causes “board wars.”

Of course we can’t control what you do outside of this place – and don’t want to! – but we would hope you’d be a good Netizen wherever you go. :slight_smile:

Of course! :wink:

I doubt that the more radical people (YECs, ‘Liberals should be shot’-types) would come over to cause trouble, and some of the more rational posters may like it here as we do have Conservatives that conduct themselves civilly. I suspect the primary reaction if I used SDMB for supporting arguments would be ‘Then go back to your Liberal board, you Socialist!’ But I wouldn’t want to attract troublemakers.

Thanks for the answer.

Yeah, who doesn’t get concerned when they have to deal with Atlanteans on Motorscooters. :eek:

What does that mean?

Young Earth Creationists.

Creationists are divided into “young” and “old”? Ain’t that age discrimination? And are there Mars Creationists, whether young or old? ::: ducking :::

Yeah, the young ones are a bit problematic. The old ones will die soon; but the young ones will be around for a long time, trying to subvert science. :stuck_out_tongue:

Egad… remember the great S’front invasion of '99? IIRC it got a bit ugly and polluted for a while. Did any new members hang on for a while after that? I know you can’t control for things that are done on other boards, but if someone posted a thread here about how they were trolling there, I’d hope there’d be some board-related recriminations. Not to stifle conversation, but I swear I’ve seen admonitions and whatnot to not stir up trouble.

I believe you aren’t supposed to come over here and say “Hey, everyone, go over there and start fucking with them”. That makes it an “us vs. them” type thing and it never ends well.

The title was supposed to be a little tongue-in-cheek, but also alluding to the possibility that using SDMB threads to support a position might bring unwanted attention from posters on other boards who are not as well-behaved as posters here (generally) are.

I’ve no intention of starting a board war, here or anywhere. But there are a buttload of discussions here that would be useful in other discussions, as exampled in the OP.