Board won't track my subscriptions

My User CP keeps telling me there are “no subscribed threads for this time period”, but it’s wrong. For example, Alessan posted in Bricker’s GD pyramids thread after I did, but it doesn’t show up.

It’s not the browser because I had the same issue on my home laptop last night. Help.

ETA: not incidentally, the forum view shows every thread title as “read” (ie., not bolded) whether or not I’ve ever looked at it.

Yeah, there have been severe problems with the board. As you can see, ATMB is flooded with complaints. This problem you are describing is what is bugging me the most.

Unfortunately, we are kind of left in the dark here as the powers that be seem to have no answer as to when these issues will be resolved.

See, as I tried to post this, it logged me out (randomly getting logged out is also another symptom).

I haven’t (yet) progressed to the randomly logging me out problem, but I am experiencing the lack-of-updating issue. So it’s not just you, Really Not All That Bright, and it does seem to be symptomatic of the larger known issue. If that helps any. I feel your pain.

(I’m also not getting a proper preview when I post - the other posts are missing, so if this was already answered, I apologize.)