Bob and Tom Show. My opinions.

Been listening to them for a few years now. My take on the crew & some of the guests:

The Crew

Bob Kevoian: He doesn’t say much; he’s just sort of “there.” Has a witty comeback every now and then. Me thinks he’s smoked a lot of ganja over the years, and it’s made him a bit spacey. I’ve heard he’s a pertty good guitar player.

Tom Griswold: Without-a-doubt the “boss” of the show. Leads every interview. Talks over everyone. Anal-retentive, obsessive, and paranoid about everything. Sounds like a real asshole. Would hate to work for the guy.

Chick McGee: Has the wittiest and quickest comebacks. The only one of the crew who is genuinely funny. Without him the show would be a bomb.

Kristi Lee: She sounds nice, but is very un-funny. I admit I like the fact that she doesn’t try to come off as a slut, unlike her sit-in Laura Steele.
Guests I Like

Donnie Baker: Donnie is actually Ron Sexton, whom I believe is one of the show’s producers. Very funny. Swear to God he is.

Drew Hastings: Most other comedians simply regurgitate parts of their act when they’re on the show. Drew is one of the few comedians who knows how to be funny when discussing news stories and whatnot.

Heywood Banks: A genius. And a *great * guitar player. If he plays a show near you, it would be wrong not to see him.

Pat Godwin: Great stuff. Very funny.

Sean Morey: Seems I always get Pat Godwin and Sean Morey confused. Anyway, Sean’s really good, too.

Dwight York: Even though he tends to stick to his act, and always seems to be “in character” (two things I usually despise), I think his jokes are ***very ** * funny. Dwight is probably the best joke writer I’ve ever heard.

I’m not convinced that Tom Griswold is as big a jerk as he seems - the more they emphasize that part of his character, the more the others can play off of it. Sort of like them pretending that Chick is hot for Bob - it’s (IMHO) one of the underlying storylines that they play off of.

Also, a lot of the skits, good or bad, seem (to me) to come from collaborations between Tom and Chick.

You will not be disappointed. Heywood’s live show was wonderful. What TMBG is to music, Heywood is to comedy. Plus you can meet him and shake his hand after the show (watch out for crumbs.)

One of the local stations here just began carrying the Bob and Tom show, and I must say I was not impressed the few times I listened.

I just can’t get past the constant laughing by someone in the background:

Bob: I went shoe shopping the other day…

Everyone else: Bwaaa-haa ha, ho ho hee haa!!!


I hear ya.

I can’t stand a laugh trak on the radio.

Allow me to third this. If you like silly comedy and sillier songs, Heywood is awesome. If, however, you don’t find silly humour funny at all, and prefer dirty jokes or bathroom humor, he is not for you. His show is pretty clean.

Actually, when Himself was still a field tech (he works for Comcast), he went to Griswold’s house & fixed his cable modem & email. He said TG was actually much nicer than he seems he’d be from the show, although he is anal-retentive, etc. to a certain extent.

We still have his personal email address, although we’ve never used it. Personally, I haven’t listened to the show in YEARS.