Bob Appetit YouTube thread

Does anybody else watch these guys? I have a huge crush on Claire, I want to be pals with Brad, and I need a Chris Morocco in my life to critique my culinary skills.

At first I thought it was a little unprofessional, how they make mistakes all the time and leave them in the videos, but it has grown on me. I’m starting to really like watching their process of discovery and recipe creation, warts and all. It’s not a slick, efficient, well produced and researched tutorial like Binging with Babish or America’s Test Kitchen. But I think the lack of polish lends more to the learning experience, and makes the team seem more like fun friends than authoritative television personalities.

I’ve recently been watching their Making Perfect series where they experiment to find the best Thanksgiving dinner. My wife and I are going to try making Carla and Molly’s mashed potatoes this year.

Claire’s Gourmet Makes is what sold me on the channel. And Brad’s It’s Alive series is a lot of fun, too, especially now that they do exciting location shoots quail hunting or catching catfish with their bare hands.

Edit: Dammit, Bon Appetit! Stupid autocorrect. Could someone change the thread title when they get a chance?

I got started watching it because of Claire’s gourmet makes, which I love watching. My favorite person on there is Brad; he’s great whenever he shows up. He won my heart forever when he said he calls Ferrero Rocher balls “New Rochelle balls”. :smiley: