Bob Grant is dead

Putting this in the Pit because the man, his life and his legacy are vile, malignant humours whose greasy effects gave rise to the careers of Limbaugh, Hannity, Oreily, etc.

I’d started listening to him in the late 80s/early 90s when he was a NY mainstay. An eloquent skullfucker of logic, it wasn’t too long before becoming aware of and repulsed by unabashed use of stereotypes, warped generalizations, and, well, fuck, every rhetorical evil that’s unfortunately commonplace with today’s talk radio and fox news. It was mildly entertaining in a hate radio sort of way, and since evil was still in its infancy at the time, there was still a sliver of basic entertainment and not so heavily linked partisanship (not that evil isn’t perpetual, just that the current flood of santorum drinkers has had ~20–30 years to improve on it).

He was a horrible human being who did great harm to the country and the world.

Never heard of him, but fuck him anyway.

He really was a pioneer in broadcasting. He was really one of the creators of the modern political talk radio genre. He wasn’t the first, obviously, but he sort of turned talk radio into what it is today. Well, he and Joe Pyne.

I’d quite forgotten Joe Pyne, but still remember Wolfman Jack. Good.

Never heard of any of them but Wolfman, and that’s only because I saw American Graffiti.

And how did HE get slid into a discussion of the chain of deplorable events that led to Limbaugh and others of his ilk?

Did your parcel from Colorado arrive yesterday, 'luci?

Rest in pieces, Bob Grant, you miserable little miscreant, and finally… get off my phone!! Those who’ve ever listened to Bob Grant will get the reference.

Was this guy worse than Paul Harvey?

Dear God! They’re going to burn his corpse, seal the ashes in a lead box and drop it in the ocean, right?!

I think he meant him as a contrasting radio personality to Limbaugh et. al, not a complimentary one.

If you had managed to sneak your furry freaky ass all the way across the Null Zone, and the veedub bus still holding together, and not attracting any undue attention, at a certain point suddenly you could hear the Wolfman’s sandpapered baritone and you would know: We’re gonna fucking make it!

Apples and oranges – Harvey did not work in a call-in format, IIRC.

But, if he did, it’s hard to imagine him saying “Get off my phone!”

And a connection to Dope history of sorts. Back in the day, the “-gry” riddle showed up a lot.

. . . Drawing a blank. Trashman reference?

Ah, so Grant is rotting forever but Harvey is allright. I guess they won’t meet.

His younger days.

Then the “Null Zone” would be . . . ?

I pictured him coming across the Mexico border.

nm double post

“Taste the sweetness of Destiny, fascist pig!”

The Null Zone is for loading and unloading only…